Alla Kudryavtseva should enjoy her victory and leave Maria Sharapova alone

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Not-so-famous Alla Kudryavtseva stunned world No.2 and former champion Maria Sharapova in the second round of Wimbledon, but instead of peacefully enjoying her victory she made some comments about Sharapova that I believe were disrespectful and therefore pathetic.

Kudryavtseva criticized Sharapova’s Wimbledon outfit saying it inspired her to beat the former world No.1.

“It’s very pleasant to beat your…you know, Maria,” world No. 154 Kudryavtseva told reporters with a mischievous smile on her face. “It’s a big deal for me. It’s a big match.”

Asked to explain why, she said: “Why? Well, I don’t like her outfit. Can I put it this way? It’s a little too much of everything, of the same thing. It was one of the motivations to beat her […] I’m not afraid she’s going to catch me in the dressing room and say, ‘You know what, you said you don’t like my outfit. You were wrong.'”

Reading Kudryavtseva’s statements I get the impression she should slow down and be more modest about her success at Wimbledon. Ok, an excuse could be that she was so happy to have made the biggest success of her career that she simply had to express everything she felt. But anyway, I believe Alla should have focused on herself, not saying anything bad about Maria, and in that way her win over Maria would have been made even greater.


  1. Speaking as a person who likes Maria, I thought Alla’s comments were more ironic than anything (her comments usually are), and motivated by being asked really stupid questions by alleged sports writers.

  2. As a devoted Maria fan, I was devastated by her loss to Alla. However, Alla nearly got it right. Maria’s taste in clothing design is sinking like an anchor, and if not reversed soon, is going to make Serena’s costumes look tame.

  3. You’re wrong Alla ’cause Maria was so stunning on that dress! I think she really was just jealous or she should check her eyes. That was the most stupid motivation I have heard from a tennis player so far. I know that she is entitled to her own opinion but there are times that she should better keep it to herself. Maria is a great champ and you are way far from her level. I’m pretty sure she’ll beat you the next time you will meet each other! RIP Alla =P

  4. Just to let everyone know, I know Alla personally very well and she is actually a very nice person, who is still very young and has never been in such an over whelming position before. I’m sure everyone has said something they regreted at some point in their lives. Lastly, to “Jackie” who wrote some nasty things, “you will probably regret that you wrote that” considering you do not know either one of those players personally, and for your info Alla is a much more pleasant person to everyone compared to Maria. Unlike Maria she is nice to everyone not just reporters and the media!!! For show!!!

  5. Ludvika, thank you for your insight. We all go through different phases, and often we regret our past actions/statements.

    I don’t know either Alla or Maria personally, but what you said could be true. However, Maria is for sure very good and experienced with the media, actually her appearances in media are far more professional than of any other WTA player. I guess we can conclude that such things should be learned, and every player should follow in the footsteps of Maria so that they can make a better impression.


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