Jelena Jankovic on her boyfriend and rumors about Jamie Murray


Jelena Jankovic was linked to some men she didn’t even know, but more than anyone the world liked to follow her friendship with Jamie Murray. In one interview J.J. demystified her relation with Murray and talked about her real boyfriend, a guy from Serbia.

Jankovic enjoyed her mixed doubles success with Jamie Murray at Wimbledon 2007, but it gave a misleading impression about her love life. Because of the situation with Murray, Jankovic had certain issues with her real boyfriend.

It wasn’t very pleasant for him to read about me and Jamie,” the 23-year-old world No. 2 said. “It was a strange situation. But I explained everything to him. He knows that I’m like that. It’s my personality.

“I said to him: ‘The media have made it all up.’ In the past they’ve paired me up with other guys I’ve never met before. There was a story about me dating some basketball player. On that occasion I just said: ‘Who is this guy? I don’t know him. I’ve never met him’. I suppose that’s what the tabloids do. They just thrive on rumours.

My boyfriend and I have been together for two and a half years. I’m really happy. I like having that support and when you’ve finished your tennis obligations it’s important to be a regular, normal girl and enjoy your life. I have some fun.

He sometimes comes to tournaments, but he has his own life. He can’t just leave his work and come and travel with me whenever he wants. He’s just finished university and is just starting to get involved in business. He can travel with me sometimes but not all the time.”

And here’s what Jelena said about her rumored love with Jamie: “Oh God. This whole story has developed around us and it isn’t true. Maybe the British fans didn’t know me that well, because I didn’t behave any differently with Jamie to how I am all the time. That’s my personality. Even when I play singles I have fun.”


  1. Well…welcome to the big bad world of Media Ms. Jankovic…even if its your personality you got to be weary of what you do and what you say…the Media can just eat you up…

  2. I had a great time in Greece! So relaxing – the sea, the sun, the sand, everything was perfect. I also made a few friends!


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