Ana Ivanovic in new adidas “Me, Myself” marketing campaign

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Ana Ivanovic in new adidas Ana Ivanovic in new adidas

Ana Ivanovic is featured in a new marketing campaign, called “Me, Myself”, for her clothing sponsor adidas.

There are two versions of Ivanovic’s poster which shows the images from the 21-year-old’s training sessions. You can also see the number 30. Of course, it’s not Ivanovic’s age, but the number of minutes she needs for herself in order to be a successful player: “Ana, 30. Thirty minutes of ‘me’ time – it’s what I need before I can meet my next challenge. Impossible is nothing.”

“The new adidas philosophy of Me, Myself is inspiring to me because it shows women as individuals; that we are all athletes in our own right and that we all have things that we do differently whatever level of athlete we are,” said the 2008 Roland Garros champion Ivanovic.

The campaign will be featured in adidas stores and in print and website advertising. I think the posters look great and I would like to see them advertise adidas on my website. That would be cool. 🙂 (via Ana Ivanovic’s official website)


  1. I’ve decided: we should manage the PR for her – her imaging, appearances, magazine shoots, etc.

    Soon people would be saying, “Shrieka who?”

    *dials Ana’s PR flack, fires him on the spot*

    Done. Are you busy the next few weeks Marija?

  2. I like it. Cool…. It would be nice if that posters would be in every adidas store, in Serbia too. She IS representring Serbia, althought.

  3. Rich, for such a good cause I will always find time. 🙂

    Totally, Jacob!

    Bojana, I suppose they will be. I like these posters much better than those of Ana currently in the Serbian stores.


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