Jelena Jankovic admits losing speed and reaction


Jelena JankovicJelena Jankovic trained more than ever during the off-season and her body has become noticeably bulkier. When the 2009 season started, we were expecting her to impress us with improved form, but what we got was a slow-moving Jankovic with a poor start to the new tennis season.

The Serb, whose movement was once her biggest weapon, has finally admitted she lost her speed, and said that she’s currently working on bringing it back.

I did a lot of things for my endurance and I had some problems moving. I lost my speed on the court and I lost my reaction. I lost my biggest weapon. Until now, I was having trouble reacting and moving, especially with my returns and getting that first step. I just lost that and I have been trying to get that back. I hope to get my game together and start playing on a high level again. That is my goal for this moment.

I wish Jankovic the best of luck in returning her trademark, her magnificent movement. (source: Reuters, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I’m not an expert and all, but I really don’t see much of a physical difference that is getting so much attention. Yes, JJ’s shoulders look more muscular, but besides that, to me there’s little difference than her appearance last year. It’s not like she bulked up to a Dinara or Serena type of physique.

    Idk… If a player isn’t winning, it seems like there always has to be an explanation/excuse. Sometimes the other person just played better during the match. And then during pressers the media always want to make more out of something so miniscule. Those interviews, man…

    JJ, just do your thing and find your game. The rest will follow.

  2. I’ve noticed Jelena’s changed physique. And her movement has been horrible this year, she was evidently having some issues, she often seemed dead on court.

  3. I still have faith in her 🙁 I can understand “speed” but really, how are you supposed to get “reaction” back?


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