Tatiana Golovin to commentate during Roland Garros


Tatiana Golovin

Injury-troubled Tatiana Golovin is coming closer to the tennis courts, as a commentator for French television during the French Open.

Last year in February Golovin was ranked 12th in the world, while now she’s as low as No.1128. Yes, that’s 1-1-2-8! Due to a back injury she missed most of the 2008 season, and we’re still waiting for the 21-year-old Frenchwoman of Russian descent to get back to competing. (source: Tennis.com, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Yes, I read that yesterday. I see many people were moved by Serena’s statement, but for me it’s not surprising at all, Serena’s always been overly self-confident.

    For me this is the best part:

    When asked which rival poses the biggest threat, Williams said: “Probably myself. I always beat myself.”


  2. Recovery from injuries are inevitable; perhaps this is prolonged further than assumed. I know where my surround sound will be muted. Anyhow Marija, have you heard of Serena’s rather ‘interesting’ comments? Controversial and artificial Serena at her peak of arrogance and egocentricity.


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