Ana Ivanovic successfully begins title defense at Roland Garros

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Ana IvanovicThe 2008 French Open champion Ana Ivanovic advanced to the second round of this year’s event with a 7-6(3) 6-3 victory over Italy’s Sara Errani.

The 44th-ranked Errani had a chance to serve for the first set in the tenth game at 5-4, even though Ivanovic had had a 3-1 lead, but the world No.8 Ivanovic didn’t allow that to happen, and took the set in the tiebreak.

The Serb, with her knee still taped, then dominated in the second set, surging into a 5-1 lead. She suffered a slight blip when Errani clawed one break back in the eighth game, but the champion eventually clinched victory.

The 21-year-old Ivanovic will play either Thai veteran Tamarine Tanasugarn or Camille Pin of France in the second round of Roland Garros. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Not a convincing win, but a win is a win. The match lasted two hours and two minutes, that is too much time on court she will get worn out if this continue to happen; also the chair ump gave her a big break in the tie breaker. I don’t see Ana beyond the fourth round.

  2. Yeh, I agree with that assessment….I think it will be similar to the Aussie Open, where Ana will win a few rounds but then lose to someone on a bit of a winning streak….like a Kleybanova, or in this case Azarenka in the fourth round. Then again, she may not give up her defense too easily…we’ll have to see!

  3. Sara Errani disagrees with your headline Marija, reiterating our readers’ above statements and potentially that of general tennis community:

    “Is she going to win the tournament?” Errani said. “Don’t think so.”

    Go Dina! Two points shy of an exponential justification of her champion quality 6-0,6-0!
    Do I hear any critics now? No… didn’t think so either.

  4. Dynamic Dina Domination! And the world no.1 scintillates under the Parisian sun, defeating Keothavong 6-0, 6-0- the quintessential embodiment of champion class and quality!

  5. Ana Ivanovic earned an unfair point in the tie-brek (first set). Ana visibly committed to play ball, then challenged and the umpire let her–at a critical point. Even the American commentators had to criticize it. Alison Lang should be blamed for this too.

    That point clearly turned the match over. Sara Errani did have the heart to play like she did.

  6. Wow, Zuleika….’quintessential embodiment of champion class and quality’… very eloquently said!

    Dinara was in awesome form, hopefully she can subdue some of those pesky critics….

  7. Carlos and Karolina, I agree with you. I have to say I don’t see Ana winning, but she’ll progress a few more rounds (most likely not the easy way).

    Zuleika, in my opinion Ana successfully started her title defence, I mean she was lucky to have won the match. I also don’t think she’ll manage to defend her title.

    Teerin, it’s true. It wasn’t fair. I don’t know how it could have happened.

  8. ana did a great job. she had no practise on clay courts and after the first set she pulled herself together and dominated. lets remember ana is back on her way and errani is a very good player, even though her rankings arnt high, i wouldnt say there fair

  9. Jacob, Ana had played on clay prior to RG. What about Rome? And also, I wouldn’t say the ranking of 44 is low. Still, I would’ve liked it if Ana took a more convincing victory.

  10. I would say that 44 is a low ranking and she did not successfully started her title defense. Ana should have made a statement in the first round like Dinara did. Once again I disagree with you Ms. Marija, but you’re so cute defending the indefensible.

  11. Carlos, I said “successfully” in a sense that she won the match, yeah, I probably wasn’t precise enough, you’re right. I was so happy she won at least that first-round match that I had to write “successfully”, because my expectations for Ana have been quite low.


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