Ana Ivanovic’s Wimbledon injury not serious, micro-tear in left thigh


The injury which made Ana Ivanovic quit Wimbledon 2009 in tears is luckily just a mild one.

The 21-year-old Ivanovic was forced to retire from her fourth-round match with Venus Williams yesterday, but fortunately, the prognosis of her injury is a good one: although very painful, her left-thigh injury is not serious, it is a micro-tear.

The Serbian world No.12 must rest for just a week or two, and hence her schedule is not supposed to be affected. She will next play Los Angeles.


  1. Well, she was not beaten. The game did not end. Venus was superb in the first set, but Ana was leading in the second set in spite of the injury. But after that injury, as she literally hobbled on the court, and decided to quit.


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