Jelena Jankovic stunned by Marion Bartoli’s “I always beat her” statement


World No.14 Marion Bartoli, Jelena Jankovic’s opponent in the upcoming quarterfinal of the Bank of the West Classic, said before Jankovic’s second round match against Sabine Lisicki that she would rather face Jankovic than Lisicki.

Bartoli’s reason is the following: “I always beat her.” The Frenchwoman is 4-3 against the sixth-ranked Jankovic and has won their last three matches.

Haha, JJ was, of course, stunned to hear the comment and here’s her reaction:

She talks like she’s just Serena Williams. Everybody had a right to say what she wants. I’m not really focused on Bartoli. She’s not like my biggest rival or someone I look up to or I’m scared of. She’s just one of the players on tour, not a big name, or someone who is making the big results or headlines in the game.

“Bartoli is going to get it tomorrow,” Jankovic added with a smile. Hahaha, she will even have her revenge.

Additional info: Interestingly, even Jelena Jankovic, a slamless No.1 herself, doesn’t think that Dinara Safina is the world’s best player. JJ finds herself the best, and she would put Serena Williams second.

Haha, it’s so bizarre. If anyone Jankovic should be the one defending Safina, but no, she’s even saying this: “To be number one, you should be complete and if you are number one you have to be beating the Williams sisters. I’m one of the rare players who has a positive record against the Williams sisters”

Note: Jankovic is 5-4 against Venus and 3-4 against Serena.


  1. I agree with you hotblackboi, also JJ has selective memory she forgot the comments she made about Ms. Oudin? . Every time that JJ opens her mouth to criticize someone she is describing herself. Dinara deserves the number one ranking she has not use the loophole that JJ used to reach the number one ranking, (the same loophole that Wozniacki used to reach the top ten ranking). The Kung Fu Master should teach his grasshopper to STF up and prove her actions on court because JJ sounds like a classless punk. BTW a note to the new WTA CEO who looks like a Madame of a Saloon the ranking system is not perfect, do something to fix it or we might end up with undeserving players using the same loophole that JJ did.

    There is a difference between playing better tennis than anyone else and being rank number one. Someone can be in a slump and not play the best tennis and still be rank number one.

  2. JJ just lost to Bartoli!!

    She doesn’t seem to have the same fight anymore…. I’m not sure if she is distracted by her mother’s recent operation, but she had many chances to win this match, including 2 match points!!

    This time last year, JJ wouldn’t let this match slip, particularly against someone who made those comments.

  3. Carlos,
    what loophole did JJ use to make it to the #1 ranking? Do you mean by playing a ton of smaller tournaments to rack up the points over the other top ten-ers who play the bigger tournies? If so, I’ve been saying the same thing about Caroline since she crashed “unexpectedly” early at Roland Garros. She’s turning into Jankovic Jr.

  4. ahhh jankovic is soooo up herself its not funny anymore

    shes not even close to being the best she should be supporting safina (because quite clearly, she was in the same boat) instead of trying to suck up serenas ass all the time.

    marion was obviously being cocky but true to form, jankovic always has to go that 1 step too far!!

  5. Jankovic has become desperate, that’s all I can add. I used to like her comments, even when they were a bit inappropriate, I used to like her personality, but now she seems like she can’t go out of her own mud and is drowning herself even more with those statements.

  6. Ms. Ella that is exactly what I meant. On this website I have commented about it in the past. I was critical about Wozniacki (Jankovic Jr.) and JJ. I can’t say that they cheated because how the system is set up allows it.

  7. I agree with you Carlos, and it is such a shame that it’s the truth. Kournikova has changed women’s tennis so much that it’s become less about talent and more about looks (and the $$$ the wta makes from it. I’m afraid that it’s not going to change anytime soon (if at all) because the young players coming up are taught to play the “scream and bash” style of play (i.e. hit the ball hard and grunt while doing so) like Serena and Maria do. The wta tour knows very well that the ranking system is f-d up (because they’ve designed it to work for the players who they WANT to see in the top 10, and not the players that actually have the talent to play the bid tournies consistently). Ugh, I’m sorry for the rant; I just can’t bare to watch women’s tennis fall down the drain the way it has been the past 2-3 years.

  8. i don’t like jankovic attitude, we’ll what can she say now she got beaten again by bartoli…
    When jankovic playing against Oudin, she knew already that the kid will gonna beat her, and she was thinking some tactics to make the game longer… but she lost the game….


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