Ana Ivanovic no longer coached by Scott Byrnes


Ana IvanovicAna Ivanovic has parted ways with Scott Byrnes, her strength and conditioning coach of the past three years.

Here’s what Ivanovic had to say about her cooperation with Byrnes:

I would like to thank Scott for all his hard work. We achieved so much together and I will always look back with fondness at this period of my career. Scott really transformed my fitness and I wish him all the best for the future.

Byrnes will embrace a more tranquil life in his native Australia, after constantly being on the road for several years. (source: Ana Ivanovic’s official website, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I think this is mistake, Scott Byrnes did a good job in keeping Ana in shape. The only time that I saw Ana out shape was after her thumb injury in 08 and I blame that of Sven. Ms. Marija do you know the exact reason why they parted ways? Did both of them got tire of each other?

  2. As I understand, Byrnes was tired of non-stop traveling. I think that’s the reason, he wanted to settle down.

  3. They broke up because Scott was very tired of Ana’s crappy attitude. Have you notices in her web site that all she appears to be doing is posing for magazies, and they mention very little of her tennis. She is a sports personality not a model. Scott was sick of this and he left. There was never anything going on between the two of them. It would have been a great story if there was though.


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