Zheng stuns Safina in Los Angeles, Ivanovic also upset, Sharapova advances

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China’s Zheng Jie recorded one of the biggest wins of her career by beating world No.1 Dinara Safina 7-5 4-6 6-4 at the $700,000 2009 LA Women’s Tennis Championships presented by Herbalife.

The 23nd-ranked Zheng had beaten a world No.1 before – Ana Ivanovic in the third round of last year’s Wimbledon – but had never beaten Safina.

“She’s a good player and it’s tough to play her,” said Safina after the third-round defeat. “In this match I didn’t do the right things. I should have played better. Today, she took her chances and beat me.”

Zheng, the 14th seed, will next face Australian 13th seed Samantha Stosur, who dominated current world No.11 Ana Ivanovic 6-3 6-2 in the third round. Stosur has scored her sixth win over a Top 15 opponent this year. Also, she has defeated former top-ranked players in consecutive weeks, having beaten Serena Williams in the Stanford quarterfinals.

World No.61 Maria Sharapova, after upsetting third seed Victoria Azarenka in the previous round, rebounded from a slow first-set start for the second straight day and defeated Alona Bondarenko 4-6 6-0 6-3. In the quarterfinals, Sharapova will face Poland’s Urszula Radwanska, who got a walkover from No.12 seed Li Na due to a right knee injury.


  1. I wouldn’t call the Ivanovic’s loss an upset, Stosur has been playing better tennis than Ivanovic; that is like saying Bondarenko was upset by Divapova only because Bondarenko is rank higher(the news of an upset in any sport has an element that leaves the fans surprised). Although Ivanovic had defeated Stosur at Wimbledon, her team is in turmoil, firing her coach, departing ways with her fitness trainer, not focus on tennis but on modeling and walking on red carpets. I’m beginning to think that her boyfriend is becoming a distraction. I only hope Ana gets things in order.

    I’ll be cheering for Urszula although I think Divapova will win in two sets.

    Jie is a tough opponent, but I had Dina in the finals against Divapova.

  2. Carlos, I agree, Ivanovic was upset just on paper. Stosur has been playing better. Even on paper it was a mild upset actually.

  3. No I don’t agree with you guys sorry. If a player is ranked higher than other player and the player with the lower rank win the match. the player with the higher rank is going to be upset period!
    And carlos maria is not a “diva” of course you can call her anyway you want but she has been working so hard in her comeback so what you say is not fair.. btw yeah maria is a diva in a the good way she is talented, succesful, beautiful she has achieved goals taht apart from the Williams sister no one else onthe tour right now have achieved so…

  4. Hey Nacho, so you mean to tell me that you expected Divapova to lose to Bondarenko? and if she did you wouldn’t have been surprised? An upset is not expected; due to any circumstances everyone can see a paper only upset, the element of surprise doesn’t exist, but I can see your point.
    A person is call a diva for the attitude and your precious Divapova has the attitude of a diva whether you like it or not. It has nothing to do how talented, successful, beautiful (if you say so), she is. BTW Nacho would you like some cheese.

  5. no thanks a don’t like cheese..
    and about the diva thing may be you have a different concept, i disagree with you but it’s ok thats my opinion!!

  6. Did you people hear “Divapova”‘s new scream? It is so funny how different it is. It’s lower. I hate the headband she’s wearing too. It looks funny. I wish she would just wear her visor from last week, it is way nicer. And Carlos your post is so true. BTW love the Sharapova nickname. 😉

  7. Maria just beat little radwanska she play an awesome first set but the second is just to forget
    it was painful to watch maria’s serve but in the end maria managed to win the match.. that demostrates no matter how tough things are maria finds the way to get through!!! sorry for all those who hate her!!!

  8. The headband didn’t look great on Azarenka and although i’m not a huge fan of it Sharapova can definitely pull it off. 🙂

  9. Thanks Macho Nacho.

    Maybe Divapova got the inspiration of wearing headbands after watching the movie “The Karate Kid”. 😛


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