Revived Jelena Jankovic beats Dinara Safina to win Cincinnati title


When the Western and Southern Financial Women’s Open began, Jelena Jankovic was probably the last person I would tip off to win the title. And even through the tournament, I didn’t pay much attention to Jankovic because I thought she would crash to like whichever opponent. Thank you JJ for awaking my expectations!

After going through a spectacular semifinal against fourth-seeded Elena Dementieva, fifth-ranked Jankovic upset world number one Dinara Safina 6-4 6-2 to win her second title of the season. One early break of Safina’s serve was enough to ensure the first set for Jankovic. The fifth-seeded Serb started the second set with a 3-0 lead, then Safina won the next two games, but that was it for the Russian in this final.

Jankovic started the season ranked number one, but has been having major problems to find the form that took her to the top. Now we have a strong reason to believe that another good era of Jankovic’s career is rising.


  1. Jelena did well, even though Safina was hitting balls all over the place. Good for Jelena, it seems she’s finding her form now. But does anyone notice or is it just me that Jelena is looking bigger and bulkier? Did she put on muscles? She’s turning into a Serena Williams. But whatever works for her.

  2. According to an article, she said she put on 15 pounds. I really don’t think it’s a good idea. But if it brings her good results, then good for her.

  3. Well I was watching an interview with JJ after the match and she said that she is about 15 pounds lighter than she was at the start of the year. That must be what’s causing her to improve again because she seems to have her speed back. It’s great to see her playing like this.

  4. Just came back from the Rogers Cup, and watched JJ practicing for a whole HOUR! There were more people watching her than on the Centre court and when it was time for her to sign autographs there was a FRENZY people went crazy and the bodyguards had to push everyone off. She Obviously smiled and started waving at everyone while in the golf cart. People started running after here and shouting…fun times! I even got here signature!

    Love you JJ

  5. She’s actually 15 pounds lighter, as Brona mentioned. She looks stronger to me too though.
    I think she finally found the point where she is stronger and yet flexible and fast enough as her game requires.

  6. The Kung Fu Tennis Master’s work on his grasshopper is finally paying off; and the grasshopper being fifteen pounds lighter is a boost. Congrats on your victory JJ.

    One more thing: Hey Kung Fu Tennis Master please work on your grasshopper’s sore losing attitude.

  7. That is annoying how you belittle JJ – “the last person I would tip..” Who cares what you tip or don’t tip ? Jelena has lot of fans who likes her no matter if she wins or lost the tournaments. She is from your country, by the way, so you could be more patriotic, even if JJ is not so lucky this season.

  8. To be realistic, JJ has not played her best during the season until now. So it is obvious that no one was counting her in to win the tournament. She’s had some very disappointing losses, and even she’s was surprised to win in Cincy. Marija is acutally a huge fan of JJ!!!

  9. Hey Ugis, I was expecting Dinara to win Cincy. Ms. Marija belittling JJ? Come on! I’ve gone toe to toe arguing with her about JJ, trust me when I say that Ms. Marija is a huge fan of JJ. You may try reading previous post.

  10. Ugis, I think Michael perfectly explained my point of you.

    As Michael and Carlos know, and all the regular and long-time readers of this blog, I have practically always been defending JJ. Only recently, I have to admit, I lost a bit of hope in her – because of one disappointment after the other during this season, and because of some distasteful comments on other players. But I can safely say that JJ will always have a special place in my heart. It’s called unconditional love, isn’t it? 🙂

    And as Michael said, no one had been counting on her to win the tournament.

  11. Hey Ugis, Marija loves JJ (that’s why she calls her that!) And if you look to the right side of this website -> You’ll see that Marija writes the most about JJ. JJ has not been playing well, but I am sure Marija wanted JJ to win as much as you did. No one, including me thought that Jankovic would win this tournament, but we are ecstatic that it happened! (I am a diehard Jankovic fan) I thought she would lose to Dementieva! But thank you JJ for playing like you did last year!!! 😉 I think she can win Toronto.

  12. Yeah, I’m trying to be fair to all the top players, but it’s true, JJ has been the most covered player on my blog. 😛

  13. Well, well, my love is Jelena Jankovic, too. I think she wanted to take a break in 2009, after the two hard years. I would like her to win her first GS. Her tennis is so interesting.

  14. so true in fact there’s is no one else with more articles in this blog than jelena!!!! 244 to be presice.. marija is a huge fan of serbian players jelena, ana, i suposse novak is also one of your faves hahaha… but is was a surprise that jelena won cincy that’s all!

  15. To: Marija
    I’m glad you are JJ fan too, but please, do not say about any person – she is nothing to worth, what you could expect from her…
    Please, be more tolerant, you know that word can kill. If that is tennis news blog, there have to be news, not tribune for somebody’s opinion.

  16. Ugis, opinion is actually part of the definition of a blog.

    I think I’m pretty tolerant, and I’m extremely rarely hard on any player. I believe that the only player I’ve been criticizing a bit more was Serena Williams, and that was only concerning her intentions to write a book.


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