Ana Ivanovic crashes out in US Open first round


Ana Ivanovic’s career was in a downfall, but with the loss in the US Open first round, it has finally hit the ground.

We had been fearful we wouldn’t even get the chance to see both of Ana Ivanovic’s US Open dresses in action, but Ana’s loss in the first round is a surprise nevertheless, even though it was to a tricky opponent, world No.52 Kateryna Bondarenko.

The 11th-seeded Ivanovic lost the match in a third-set tiebreaker, having even had a match point at 6-5 in the tiebreak. Final score: 2-6 6-3 7-6(7).

Here’s the most telling part of the post match presser, where the former world No.1, now ranked 11th, sums up her issues.

Q. Is it possible you could be thinking about it too much?

ANA IVANOVIC: Well, I think I’ve been thinking about everything too much and trying to address lots of issues with my game, and at the moment I feel like I have a plan in place and I know what I have to do in each area of my game. But just at the moment I think it’s a little disbalanced. My fitness is at one level, mind at another, my game is at another level. I think these all these things have to marry to get into the right direction and have to fit.

It’s the 21-year-old’s first defeat in the opening round of a Grand Slam.


  1. Oh Ana, how can we solve a problem like yours?

    It’s all in her head. I know she can play well, she can come back, her game is still there! She’s just too emotional and mentally weak. Same thing happens in every match she plays, usually strong start then starts to blow a lead in the second set, trails in the final set then starts to come back but loses. She even had a match point — thanks to her forehand error.

    She said she wanted a vacation, or break, or something, so have fun Ana.

  2. I play Adam Scott, notice how his career is falling apart too

    her career is turning out like Lindsay Lohan’s,

    Lohan went out with Wilmer Valderama, her career was at its peak

    Ana went out with that spanish player, she was at her peak

    when they both broke up with their spanish boyfriends, their careers both took slides

    Its all Adam Scott’s fault

  3. Myles, thank you! However, I wouldn’t agree that Ana’s career was at its peak while she was dating Verdasco. His, however, was blossoming.

  4. Im so sorry for ana…she really fought and she had few important opotunities but I dont know..she just couldnt take advantage of it… what is going on with her game???

  5. Ana has failed to beat Kat (simplicity sake) in three different occasions. Once in Juniors and twice on the tour. This match being second time. I was amazed that the match lasted as long as it did.

    Well if you take into consideration how both of them played, I am not surprised it took that long.


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