Serena Williams can finally be No.1 again, US Open final is a condition


Serena Williams

I have already shared it on Women’s Tennis Blog that Dinara Safina will remain No.1 in the WTA rankings whichever course of events at the US Open, but Safina’s top ranking will be short lived if Serena Williams reaches the US Open finals.

If the second-ranked Williams progresses all the way to the finals, she will take Safina’s place in the rankings just one week after the US Open, in the September 21 rankings.

Slamless Dinara Safina has been ranked No.1 since April 20, 2009, even though Serena Williams won three of the last four Grand Slams.

Will defending champion Serena Williams achieve the feat and hopefully end the tiring debate about the rankings?

Additional info: Safina was upset in the third round of the ongoing US Open, while Williams will play her quarterfinal match against Flavia Pennetta later today. (source: ESPN, photo by our reader Jacob)


  1. This is so embarrassing for Safina..

    I think, in 2010, WTA need to be more severe with this girls for Top 10 (Serena by the way), they need to be more severes with the amount of
    tournaments that this girls played during the year.

    Safina need to play less and Serena need to play more and play more focus wta tournaments.

    I want Serena number 1 because of her year, but she didn’t win any wta tittle and I think this is necessary for your ranking…because the ranking call WTA RINKING!

    My english sucks, but this is my opinion!


  2. I dont think Serena is crying for the no.1 ranking she doesnt need it,she has won important big events without being no.1 so let Safina keep her ranking if that will make her happy.

  3. Oh no, she definitely wants it. I mean, why complain before about not getting it, and now not care anymore? I hope Kim can get past her, but realistically, Serena looks really fit and strong, and played really well against Flavia, so I think she’ll get the top spot again.

  4. “My english sucks, but this is my opinion!

    GO CLIJSTERS!!” – Lays, you rock! Hahahaha. 😀 And your English is not bad at all. I understood the whole point.

    Poor Dinara, if she falls from No.1 she may even feel relief, that’s the worst thing about it.


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