Video overview of US Open 2009 outfits, reader contribution


Teerin, devoted reader of Women’s Tennis Blog , saw my video overview of women’s tennis fashions at the 2009 US Open and seeing my clumsy video (that’s my interpretation, but I have to admit it is clumsy) decided to make a much better one (that’s also my interpretation) and gratefully give it to me.

Enjoy Teerin’s piece of work while witnessing another rainy New York day ruining the US Open.

Teerin and I are planning to cooperate on the videos for my blog in the future, and I’m very happy to announce that.

Thank you Teerin for you selfless help!


  1. excelllent job teerin!!!
    and what an awful way to lose serena!!! she lost her composure and class!! bad serena very bad!!

  2. But what a call! Who calls a ‘foot fault’ at 15/30, 6/5? Adleast include footfaults in hawkeye, so that the player can have a look and see if the call is correct. Not justifying Serena’s behaviour, but to call a foot fault is crazy. Tennis should go back to the old system where tennis players recieved a warning from the umpire for repeated foot faults. Serena is not known for foot faulting either.

  3. The umpire was just doing her job, so what if Serena isn’t characteristic of foot faults, her performance today wasn’t typical either. Various other players have suffered from nerves which resulted in foot faults at untimely and unfavourable moments, but Serena’s behaviour today was appalling. Absolutely apalling.

  4. interview:
    SERENA WILLIAMS: “I’m pretty sure I did. If she called a foot fault, she must have seen a foot fault. I mean, she was doing her job. I’m not going to knock her for not doing her job.”

    so… serena you could have hot and ace in the next point.. don’t let the nerves get you the next time girl!!

  5. Isn’t it kinda ironic how Safina and Serena’ve been back and forth with the whole #1 thing, and how Safina has no nerve in the slams? Look how it ended for Serena. She knew that Kim was going to win the match, lost her cool, and blew up on the nearest target she could find. She didn’t expect Kim to be as on point as she was (she’d beaten Kim 8 times out of 9), came out thinking that her C game was enough to win, and couldn’t handle the pressure that she pretty much built for herself. I’m not sure if this match illustrates how weak/extremely bizarre the women’s game is, or if this was just a result of tension from the rain delays and lack of composure. I think it’s a combination of both.

  6. Why can’t you use a technological device to show how the call is being made? For such an important call at a crucial stage in the match, it’s more than necessary.

  7. There is also a huge difference in being a good official, and doing one’s job… and being over zealous, and intruding in a match which should be decided by two world class athletes, not a call which was judged on mere millimetres.

  8. Thank you guys. 😛

    I enjoyed making this video and glad I could help. I e-mailed back to you, Marija. 🙂

    Thank you for uploading this video once again. I sure hope we’ll do future video projects together in the near future! 😀

  9. Ella, good point. Women’s tennis is so unpredictable at the moment, and not even the Williams sisters are immune.

    Teerin, thank YOU for the video. I’ll answer your email today. I see that video making is a durable and difficult task, but I’m willing to join the ride.


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