Women’s tennis players outfits for the 2010 season kick-off


Nothing of this is confirmed, but here are some previews of what women’s tennis players may be wearing at the start of the 2010 season. Apparently, the new season is just around the corner.

Ana Ivanovic will supposedly wear this orange adidas adilibria dress, which has a yellow version as well.

Ana Ivanovic's Australian Open dress, adidas adilibriaAna Ivanovic's yellow adidas adilibria dress

Jelena Jankovic may be looking like a lemon and strawberry ice-cream if this is really her new ANTA outfit.

Jelena Jankovic in ANTAJelena Jankovic in ANTA

Dinara Safina will stick with classic adidas look.

Dinara Safina's adidas attire for 2010

Here’s Stella McCartney’s collection for Caroline Wozniacki for the 2010 season.

Caroline Wozniacki's Stella McCartney for 2010Caroline Wozniacki's Stella McCartney for 2010Caroline Wozniacki's Stella McCartney for 2010

Maria Sharapova will again sport an extraordinary Nike design with a lot of details.

Maria Sharapova's Australian Open 2010 dress

Jacob, thank you for telling me about these previews! We’ll see what the players will eventually wear. Even if these were confirmed outfits, last-minute surprises are common in the world of tennis fashion. (sources: Tennis Forum, Caro Wozniacki)


  1. Maria’s dress looks… unique. We’ll see how it looks on her, on the court, considering that photo is Photoshopped.

    Anyway, Ana would look really great in those colors, as well as Dinara, Stella McCartney is starting to bore me with their colors, and I have no comment about Jelena’s outfit…

  2. Is the impending season going to be thorough night matches? If not, then why is the new fashion aim to light the players like flourescent construction workers?

    Poor Wozza, I don’t know if its her modelling, if it is, then it is atrocious, or whether the camera absolutely despises her in this shoot, because the third frame just reminds of Emily Rose from the Exorcist. Nothing special from Stella, but I agree that marketing and promotion-wise, they’ve succeeded. Love it or hate it, we all remember ‘that US Open 09 outfit’.

    I love Dina’s magenta outfit, even though the classic design won’t win her extra fans or glow in the dark effect achieved by the Serbians. Another creative fresh outlook by Masha’s designers.

  3. its the least i can do, this is such a fantastic blog! i think dinara will look really pretty, and maria’s dress looks great aswell!

  4. let´s start from the top.
    Ana´s dresses are boring for me. just nothing special or modern.
    JJ´s outfit: no comment!
    Dina´s outfit is nice, classic and feminine. She looks good in them.
    Masha´s dresses are just amazing! Really fresh, cool, chick and modern! I love them :).
    Wozy´s dresses are nice, good idea, but I´d love them more in a different colors. 😀

  5. Oh, I forgot to write: Ana´s dresses look very similar to Elena´s Melbourne Yonex ones (style and colour) and it´s the same colour as adidas has in 2009 winter collection. They should not use it again. It´s sort of faux pas. Thanks for posting it 🙂

  6. ohhhh I’m sorry but Maria’s dress looks like a military vomit!! and that yellow rope in the waist???? jelena’s dress also horrible the colors don’t match at all… but i’m not a fashion designer so i should maybe shut up!!! hahahahaha i like ana’s orange dress!!!

  7. Ana’s dress looks very good.I’d like to see her in both orange and yellow.
    Uh…Jelena wasn’t very lucky…But at least these “happy” colors will suit her personality.
    Safina-my least favourite outfit…boring…
    Wozniacki-they should really try with some other colors.
    Maria-it’s unique…that’s what i like about her outfits…

  8. I like Ana’s dresses. Finally some different colors for a change instead of the same old purple, blue and white. Who knows, maybe it will bring her more luck, lol.

    However, nothing will ever top the outfits Ana wore during AO and RG 2008. Those were simply the best EVER!!!

  9. Anas dress is more sporty than i expected, but its still pretty cute. I also like Dinaras, especially the colour. Carolines dress is nice, but im really bored with the colours. About Jelenas and Mashas dresses… I dont know, i think they are just a little bit too much, but we ll see…

  10. i like jj’s outfit its different.

    Maria’s dress is well odd, with its pattern.

    I am sucker for classics with Dinara.

    Stella McCartney needs to change up the design department a little where Caro is concerned.

    Ana will look like a flower with those colors.

  11. Ana’s dresses are nice, but nothing special, considering the last two years, but who knows, on these pictures we can’t see many details…Jelena outfit is just too colourfull, but I doubt she’ll be wearing it at AO open, she’s probably going to wear a dress, just like she used to so far. I like Wozniacki’s look, but Stella should use some new colours.Safina’s look is cool. And Maria…The dress is a little bit odd, but Masha is always wearing something extraordinary and always looks great.

  12. Mairja – would you like a video of ana playing in the yellow dress? I personally havent seen it yet (im at work, alot of things are blocked!) but i’ll watch it tonight and tell you if its worth it.

  13. i very like, i am very fond of the outfits. me like maria dress, colors not so much for ana ivanovic. sorry if you cannot understand my english

  14. Teerin, we can’t see a lot of Maria’s outfit, but the model looks fresh and unique. As for Stella, I’m not bored with her colors, that’s one of her trademarks and I will always like her designs.

    Zuleika, haha, and Jelena will be their boss! Wozniacki looks ok in these pictures. I see nothing wrong in that department. I see Dinara’s outfit has won a lot of points, and I can say it has my vote as well!

    Jacob, I want the video, pleaseee 🙂

    LuLinQa, thank you for sharing your opinion. I like Ana’s dresses, they are more simple than Maria’s, but I think that such chick outfits wouldn’t even suit Ana.

    Nacho, hahaha ‘military vomit’. Wait, this is just a preview, who knows what the colors of the dress will be in the end.

    Allison, it is Caroline, look at the larger pictures


    Milan, hhaha according to you Jelena wasn’t lucky but she will look lucky. 🙂

    Curtis, yeah, I’m also kind of bored with Ana in blue. I look forward to seeing her in yellow. And I agree with you on the AO and RG 08 outfits.

    Marrie-Ann, I have to notice that Jelena’s dresses are very often ‘just too much’.

    P!nky, you like JJ’s outfit? haha. 🙂

    Mg, you’re right, who know what they will be wearing in the end. For JJ, this could be just a commercial for ANTA and not her actual AO outfit.

    Macho Nacho, ‘my eyes will burn’ hahaha. 🙂 Maybe she’s planning to burn the Australian sun.

    Niki, we can understand your English perfectly.

  15. jacob thank you so much. Now I am better with Anaś dresses, they look great on her. I think Ana believes that carrot coloured dresses will bring her luck on RG like they did year ago. 🙂 And yeah, I guess JJ won´t wear that mess. She was wearing dresses for all year since she is with Anta and I donot think she is gonna change it (hopefully :D). On the brighter side, Wozzy will look great and feminine in that dresses even though they are very simple coloured, like Marija said, it´s her trademark and the disaign is cool . 😀

  16. I love Masha’s dress. Can’t wait for the hotlegness(if it the dress is gonna be that short as in the picture). 😀
    Ana’s dresses look okay. Caro looks horrible. Dina’s are the same but in purple :p
    And last but certainly least, Jelena looks like a shit in that. 😛

  17. Jacob, just posted it! 😉 Thanks for the info!

    LuLinQa, Ana should try everything to get her luck back, the red color is the least she could do. 🙂 And yeah, I know about those photos, I just saw some too naked ones to post them here. Actually, I probably just didn’t feel like it.

    Pietaar, true, Dinara’s outfit doesn’t look different to what she used to wear in the 2008 season. And Ana, I think that this will be like with other Ana’s dresses – the more you look at them the more you like them.

  18. Not a fan of Maria’s or Jelena’s outfit. Maria’s seems to emphasize fashion too much and doesn’t seem like an actual tennis outfit. Plus I hate the colors and the style lol. And What is ANTA thinking with Jelena’s outfit? It’s so boring, plain and the color combination is weird. I like Stella McCartney, but can’t she use some color ever? I mean, move away from the neutrals!! I’d like to see yellow, purple or green lol. Dinara’s are a little plain, but I love purple, so I can’t complain too much lol. My favorite has to be Ana’s so far.

  19. look at masha´s racket- it´s prince white one which she was sporting in 2007-2008. I read somewhere that her outfits are made early before she use them but… it´s weird she has dresses already made in wardrobe for 2 years and does not wear them….

  20. Not a big fan of either Jelena or Caroline’s dresses, the designs just don’t appeal to me. Ana’s dresses are really starting to grow on me, I didn’t like them at all at the beginning. Hopefully that red dress will bring her some luck 🙂 Dinara will look as she always does, because to be honest there’s nothing really different about those adidas kits for next year. As for Maria’s dress, I absolutely love it! I love all of the unique designs she comes up with. Hopefully that will be a lucky one too 😛

  21. LuLinQa, that’s the process. Ana’s latest dress was also being made for a year and a half.

    Bróna, that’s true, Dinara will look the same. But colors can also make the difference, remember how great she looked in yellow and black. Pink is a bit weird for Dinara though.

  22. oh I would be really nervous while waiting that long lol. When Dina wore the pink outfit she looked but weird because it was so sweet for her character. But this is better cause it´s combined with white an it´s fuchsia pink. i just hope she will have shoes with some pink detail.

  23. I just love Ana’s dress. It’s really beautiful and simple at the same time.

    As usual, Sharapova’s dress looks like she’s going to a party instead of playing tennis.

    I liked Safina’s outfit, she will look fine.
    Caroline’s is medium and Jankovic’s is just too much color.

  24. jelena won’t play in this, because she said in one interview that she will wear blue dress which ANTA made for her 🙂


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