Serena Williams faces 1 million dollar fine


Serena WilliamsMost sources of information now indicate that Serena Williams will be fined as much as 1 million dollars for her misconduct in the 2009 US Open semifinal against Kim Clijsters.

Williams is not likely to be banned from the 2010 Australian Open, but could lose her US Open ranking points and be obliged to give back her US Open prize money. Also, she could be suspended from playing the next US Open.

The ITF’s Grand Slam Committee is expected to announce a final verdict very soon.

Reminder: Williams has already been fined $10,500 for the incident. (source: Women Who Serve, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I think it is appropriate – she makes tens of millions every year! I don’t think this is a suitable fine for her though. A long-term ban would be. Wickermayer wasn’t able to get out with a fine for something much less serious so why should Serena? Well, I think we can all read between the lines…

  2. I have to disagree with you Marine. I do think that this is a suitable fine for her. If she has to pay this much then it will teach her never to react in that way again. Serena has apologised for her behaviour already and received a fine of $10,500 for this aswell. She shouldn’t receive a long term ban, or any ban for that matter because it wouldn’t be good for the sport if she was absent for any length of time. I think that the whole thing should be forgotten about because it’s pointless to keep bringing this subject up when it is in the past.

  3. Look she’s already apologized and paid a fine. Also, I think it’s NOT the same as Yanina’s situation. Doping is strictly against the WTA and ATP tours-for verbal language it’s typically a fine players have to pay, doping means going through a long process of being checked and investigated-I’m not condoning what Serena did but I can’t believe they’re taking it this far, we all saw what happened-and threatening to take away Serena’s prize money and points is so much and I don’t think they’ve ever done this before.

  4. Also, it doesn’t matter how much she makes or how famous she is-you’re not supposed to base fines off of celebrity status. It should be fair and she’s definitely not been given an easy road as a celebrity, if anything, she’s been treated more harshly than many other people. Forget what you think about her personality or earnings, but let’s look at what has happened to other players before in similar situations and they definitely have not been fined this much. It’s a bit ridiculous and I thought this issue was already settled ($10,500 fine). And I’m not even a huge Serena fan but I’m appalled by the ITF’s possible decision.

  5. I agree that Serena should be fines a million dollars, or more in that case. Her attitude was indeed disrespectful and created a stain in the World of Tennis. And for her to laugh about it at the press conference! Shame on her! I think she should be banned from the Aussie Open or US Open since it is evident that she did not learn her lesson as she is still encountered acting very arrogant and rude. After all, if she does get suspended, it would be more interesting as there would actually be competition among the WTA players and it would not be a Serena Slam. Those are just getting boring, tennis needs excitement!

    thanks Marija for the article! You are the best!

  6. the sum of money she is getting fined for is stupid! shes made an public apology, and payed 10 grand, give it a rest!

  7. Finally some justice. I wonder it could have been worse if the incident had been taken to a trial.

    I’m more thrilled with the USO banned than the fine, it sends loud message that ITF is not afraid of losing a ‘star’ when it comes to justice.

  8. $1 million dollar fine? That’s too much, I have to admit, even if she makes a lot more than that. Thing is, if this ever happens ever again to any player, they’d probably get a $1 million dollar fine as well, and some don’t make that much.

  9. Serena should be calmer that time but it happend and I think one million dollar is little bit too much. And taking her points back it would be crazy- if they want it they should do it in september not 100 years after the accident.


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