Injured shoulder forces Ana Ivanovic to miss Dubai


Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic will not be able to play the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships because of tendonitis in her shoulder.

The world No.23 had been aware of the injury for quite some time, but she aggravated it during the last week’s doubles match in the Fed Cup.

“I’m very frustrated about this. I’ve had so many small injuries these past few months and this is another,” said Ivanovic, who can’t serve because of the pain in her shoulder.

The doctors have told Ivanovic that she should be fine in 10 days or so. (photo: chascow)


  1. She is falling fast,soon she will be in the 30-40 ranking range.Her game has stagnated and nerves are getting the better of her.

  2. This shoulder thing worries me. I think it may be worse than what her site is letting on. It’s been a problem for Ana for a long time now and the fact that it is still giving her issues is a big warning sign in my opinion. I am no doctor or medical expert so what I am saying is basically worthless but I worry that one of these days Ana will have to eventually have surgery done on that should which would almost certainly sideline her for a year. That would be the very last thing she needs right now. The girl simply has no luck waht so ever these days. It’s really is a shame. 🙁

  3. Shoulder??? Come on guys, its her stunned pride. Her little medical time out during her doubles match was due to ‘dizziness’. Sure she pointed to her shoulder but also sat down, then laid down on the ground. You do this when you get dizzy. This has happened numerous times to Ana on the court, which in itself is becoming worrisome. Ana is sitting this one out to figure out what her next move will be. She is at a major professional crossroads that can make or break her tennis…….. or modeling career. As for her ‘lifetime’ contract with Adidas; ‘lifetime’ very well could be defined as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year…. whatever Ana decides.

  4. I’m confused. I remember the TV commentator of the doubles match saying that it wasn’t a shoulder injury even though Ana was holding her shoulder, but it was rather her not feeling well. Cptmal, just as you are stating… Although, I don’t think they would lie on her website.

  5. Poor Ana 🙁 I am unhappy for her 🙁 Everything she does these days is bad. Luck is avoiding her a lot. Seems like she has already spent it all. Missing Dubai will be bad for her as she won´t defend her points and will fell again in rankings. 🙁
    I don´t think Ana would lie about the shoulder problem but I think it is not the biggest problem. It looks like she is not enjoying tennis anymore.. Nowadays, she is just modeling everywhere and not playing at all.
    But I am happy that Adidas still believes in her 🙂 I will still cheer for her so I hope she will be a champion again 🙂

  6. Oh no,more bad news? I hope Ana will recover from whatever hinders her… and returns to her old form. She was one of the most exciting players during Henin’s and Clijsters’ absence, it would be a shame if she had to stop,too.

  7. Clijsters and Henin were never exciting before they retired,most of Kim s matches were boring very bland on court persona.Ana is also very boring on court with her contrived fist pumps and wonky toss.The only player of the younger generation that has fire is Azarenka,she is feisty and thats a good thing the rest of the younger generation are very boring no personality except for the 25yr old Jankovic.

  8. I wonder what could help Ana at this point. She’s such a talent and it’s all going down the drain. I saw her match against Venus when she was on fire and it was such a joy to watch. I hope she will find a way out of this slump and become the old fierce competitor as before. Btw, I like her fist pumps, it’s kind of cute. Ajde 🙂

  9. Ana is going to be on a freefall from now till the clay season,she has to defend finalist points at Indian Wells and qtr final from Dubai.She should enter a small event like Memphis to get her confidence back or Acapulco.

  10. I visited her new web and I think a part of that mental block she’s had comes from the crap she is getting from journalists. She wrote one nice soul was mocking her for her defeats and really just gave her a pretty hard time. No wonder her confidence drops these days. I hate some journous can be so vicious.


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