Martina Hingis no longer engaged to Andreas Bieri


In March we reported that Martina Hingis would marry Zurich attorney Andreas Bieri, but now we have to say that the tennis star canceled this engagement as well, at least according to Swiss newspaper Hingis wasn’t available for comments about the break up, just like her ex fiancé Bieri.

This piece of information is actually more than two weeks old, but I haven’t shared it on my blog until now because, hmm, I was probably waiting to hear it was just a rumor. Now I’m pretty convinced it’s true.


  1. Truly sad that she has endured enough in her life.
    Alot of personal stuff I only wish the best for Martina. I at one time didn’t care for her but now I like her. I hope she does come back to tennis and prove everyone wrong and finally win the french open the one major that has eluded her…


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