Ana Ivanovic records confidence-boosting win over Victoria Azarenka in Rome


Ana IvanovicIt’s not just a dream, Ana Ivanovic followed up her 6-1 6-3 victory over Elena Vesnina in the first round of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia with another straight sets victory, 6-4 6-4 against ninth seed Victoria Azarenka.

This is the most noteworthy Ivanovic’s win this season, and actually her best result in who knows how many months. In fact, Ivanovic’s website states that it is her first victory over a Top 10 player in some 20 months. In addition, with the triumph over Azarenka in Rome the 22-year-old recorded her first two successive straight sets wins since June 2009.

Alright, enough with the comparison with things Ana would like to forget. Will the win over Viktoria prove to be a positive turning point for the continuation of Ana’s career? I certainly hope so, but the pressure is the last thing Ana needs, especially having in mind that another Top 10 player, sixth seed Elena Dementieva, is awaiting in the third round. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. It was a good result for Ana which, hopefully, will give her back a lot of the confidence that she must have lost during a long run of poor results.

    Should be said though that she was a break down until Vika had an injury problem (same leg, same injury as before?) which turned the match.

    I didn’t see the game, just had the scoreboard up, but was reading a forum at the same time (multi tasking!! :D) and the guys on there were saying that it looked bad and weren’t expecting the 1st set to be completed!

    Obviously I don’t know how bad the injury was but the fact that Vika battled on through the 2nd set (breaking Ana again) suggests that it maybe wasn’t as bad as it first seemed.

    Can’t help feeling that Vika should rest that leg now. If it was a recurrence of her recent leg injury then it obviosly hasn’t healed properly yet and she’s risking further injury which could severely curtail her season.

    But, regardless of that, it was good to see Ana winning a match again:)

  2. OMG! I am so happy right now. It feels like a dream, but it finally came true. This is so refreshing to see from Ana. Now if she can play well tomorrow against Elena Dementieva, that would be awesome! Ajde! 😀

  3. Well done Ana. I’m so proud. I know Vika was injured but still. This could do so much for Ana. Hopefully it continues… 😀

    Why does Vika keep playing?! She’s clearly not fully recovered from the leg injury she sustained a few weeks back, yet she keeps playing? It’s so frustrating!! I don’t think its a case of being forced to play either so it’s unusual. She better be fully recovered before Roland Garros because she has a lot of points to defend there and at Wimbledon.

  4. Seeing as Elena is not on expert on clay, Ana has chances. Also, no one in the top 10 (except JJ) is really performing that well so Ana has a pretty good chance if she keeps the game she developed in the two matches. Her serve is much better…no more of those weird tosses and her lethal forehand is returning! I am so glad that she fought through and and hoping to see a good match tomorrow!

    Speaking of Vika’s injury…it really was not that bad. I did not realize she was injured until the end of the second set (I started watching at the beginning of the second set) so I doubt that is a good excuse!

    Anci did make quite a few mistakes (long shots), but a few hours practice tomorrow to clean up her shots will do the trick!

    I did not really like Vika’s attitude throughout the second set, she was very bitter…and usually I consider her as one of my favorite players…I guess it was not her day!

    Ahhhh…I will kill myself! I use this commenting on your blog Marija as a procrastination tool! I have 2 exams tomorrow in my worst subject! I hope I do well!


  5. Haha! I have exams too! But still, this is such happy news. Good luck and keep winning Ana.

  6. Wow, this is great news! I have to admit, I was a bit doubtful about her before this match but she positively surprised me with this win. Glad to see, she is finally returning to her old form. Ajde, Ana!

  7. Bb, I hope you did well in the exams. 🙂 I know, I have about 20 procrastination tools 🙂

    Ana’s match with Elena will start soon, can’t wait to see what will happen.

  8. Wow Ana…First career victory over Dementieva…in a perfect moment.
    Elena did play some bad tennis in 1. set, but still it’s the Ana who struck 27 winners (yes, that’s right)
    4 aces, and had 70% of first serve. I just hope she can keep it up like this..


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