Venus wins and secures No.2 ranking, Serena loses in Madrid

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Venus and Serena Williams

Venus and Serena Williams both played their third-round matches at the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open on Wednesday, but with different outcomes.

The fourth-seeded Venus lost the first set against seed No.15 Francesca Schiavone, but was dominant in the remainder of the match to win 3-6 6-1 6-2.

Serena, who barely survived her match against Vera Dusevina in the previous round, played her third-round right after older sister Venus and fell to No.16 seed Nadia Petrova 4-6 6-2 6-3. The world No.1 Serena was playing only her second tournament since winning the Australian Open in January.

Venus’ win is securing her to move one spot up in the rankings, from No.3 to No.2, which means that the Williams sisters will occupy the Top 2 spots for the 46th week in their careers when the new rankings are released on Monday. Venus hasn’t been in the Top 2 since 2003. (photo: Emmett Anderson)


  1. so happy for venus. serena and venus top 2 players in the world. about time they were both there again!

  2. What?! This is just redicilous for me! Venus No.2? How come? And why? I mean for real, why? What has she done so special in the past time, expect winning the Dubai? And her other wins weren’t actually against some top players. It is so funny, Venus has been playing not even close to her good in the past year and the half, or more, and she was and is so good ranked. The same story was for Wozniacki. I like the girl, but, really, she was No.2 without any bigger tournament won, with one Grand Slam final (which she got by defeating just one top 10 player- Kuznetsova)and not even close to good score with players from top 10. This WTA list is so…OK, what I actually want to say is- WHAT THE HELL ARE OTHER GIRLS DOING??? Gush… Right now, from top 10, the only player who is playing well is Jankovic.

  3. I think Venus has been doing quite well this season. Dubai is no small tournaments and she also won Acapulco. Also she did get into finals in Miami, so I would not write her off just yet. I think her consistency may actually help her to climb over Serena in the rankings as the younger Williams has hardly played anything this year. If Venus makes it further than Serena in the French and then does exceptionally well at Wimbledon which is quite possible than I think she may become no.1 again. I think she is now quite motivated to do that as her career is nearing the end. I wish her good luck.

  4. What has Venus done you ask? A lot. Her win/loss record this year has surpassed many in the WTA. Apart from her 2 tournament wins this year, it was the way in which she accomplished that feat. Not only did she do it by crossing continents to do it but did it in back to back years. No other player has come close. She made the quarters of the AO, final of Miami and semis of quarters of Rome. She has been playing exceptionally well this year and I think the position is well deserved. Just out of curiousity, who do you think should be in the No. 2 spot?

  5. Yes, that stays, but, really, which of the top players did she win this year? All the good results she achieved by wins over players who are not so good, actually. I just want to say that the WTA rankings doesn’t mean anything today. For me, No. 1, 2 , 3 and so should be players who can win every other player ranked bellow, not all the time, but just that they play good enough that they can. And today you gain points and reach rankings not because you are so good, but just because everyone else is doing so bad. There isn’t actual some competition today: tournament is going to be won by the player who is in the form- not by player who is in the best form, then by player who is in the form. And it sucks, cause you can’t see something good. Like, when Jankovic won Cincinnati last year and a little bit Indian Wells this year, she wasn’t playing near to her best, but all the others were doing so badly, so, at the end, she was the only one left and had to win the title. For me, real No. 2 would be Kim- she can beat everyone, but, she doesn’t play many tournaments to gain points.

  6. Whaow!! what a splendid output for my tennis idols – Venus and Serena. You girls make me feel high whenever you are on action. Bravo my dear Venus, I know you can do better in future, my spirit goes with you all bisou!!

  7. To be honest,now I agree with mg. Venus’form is not good enough for no.2. Loosing to Rezai who is ranked so much lower, hmm, not very impressive.


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