Dinara Safina parts ways with coach Zeljko Krajan

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Zeljko Krajan and Dinara Safina

Dinara Safina has ended her three-year partnership with Croatian Zeljko Krajan and her new coach will be 35-year-old Gaston Etlis from Argentina. The 35-year-old Etlis won four doubles titles in his career, was ranked as high as No.17 in doubles, while his highest singles ATP-ranking was No. 114.

During her cooperation with Krajan, Safina reached the No.1 ranking, played the finals of three Grand Slams (at two French Opens and one Australian Open) and won an Olympic silver medal in Beijing.

Update from Women Who Serve: It could be the case only during the French Open, and Krajan’s coaching of Safina could be extended. (photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. lol…maybe it is? You never know…

    Nevertheless, I wish her all the best at Roland Garross.

    You’re posting so many articles Marija, you’re a beast! I have no time to leave enough comments!

  2. Oh shit. What a mistake by Dina. It will take her too much time to get used to him and she will fall even more in the rankings. Another Anci is here. How sad..

  3. Actually, I think its a good idea to change a coach because I think she achieved her maximum with Krajan and right now that way of play doesnt seem to work anymore, and she needs to change her game a little bit and find a new one, so that she could succeed again.

  4. I think it was a very good idea, the guy was not good for her. He pushed her too hard, that’s why I think she often crumbled under pressure in slams. She needs someone more understanding who will help her to strengthen her mental game.

  5. I think she did a good thing. I think that what she’s done with him already achieved it’s maximum, and it started going down. He learned her how to hit the ball hard all the time and to serve, but he couldn’t give her some advice when she’s playing with players who are strong as she or stronger, like Williams. In those matches her game would complitely fall apart, and so her mental stability. For winning Grand Slam, she needs tactics and mental stability, and he couldn’t have given them to her.

  6. I saw her practicing today with her new coach at the Bank of the West Tournament. She looked great but it was a little strange to see Zeljko Krajan on the next court coaching Cibulkova. I hope that Dinara can succeed with Gaston, she needs someone who can help improve her confidence and help with diversifying her strategy. Go Dinara!


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