Kleybanova bagels Ivanovic and advances to French Open second round


Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic’s second-round match against Alisa Kleybanova was delayed by rain, but the inevitable was apparently waiting for Ivanovic and the former French Open champion lost with a stunning 6-3 6-0 score, with sets lasting 33 minutes each.

This has been Ivanovic’s earliest exit at the French Open ever! However, losing to Kleybanova is nothing new to the former world No.1 Ivanovic, as it has happened three of four times they played.

Kleybanova’s victory over Ivanovic at the 2010 French Open is not an upset, since the Russian is seeded 28th and Ivanovic’s low ranking, No.42 at present, ensured she wasn’t seeded. Both players had 6 break points in the match: Kleybanova converted five, while Ivanovic converted only one.

Kleybanova reached her first third round at the French Open, where she will play either eighth seed Agnieszka Radwanska or Yaroslava Shvedova. (photo: sr_cranks)


  1. Ana will never reach top form if she does not start beating higher ranked players on a constant basis. I hate it when she says: ” I feel as though I am improving everyday” because that is evidently wrong. Her serve was terrible and she made MANY errors. Where is the improvement in that? Also, I hate the excuse like: “I am still young” C’mon that is pathetic after you hear it 200 million times. I really want her to succeed, but I want to see her work more on court and chat with the press less!

    Don’t you guys agree? I mean c’mon, the girl needs to get a glimpse of the real tennis world, she is living in an illusion where “everything will be better tomorrow”

  2. Unfortunately, the reality is that Ana lost to a better player. Despite her wins over top seeds in Rome, if she plays against player in form, that has good attacks and defense, she really doesn’t have a chance. I think right now she is playing better than before, but she really needs to improve her serve. Without good serving, you can’t have confidence on court and of course good result. I really hope she can and will fix that until Wimbledon.

  3. I totally agree bb. It´s good to be optimistic, but in her case, it reached the edge. She needs a lil more strict coach maybe. Her lost matches should motivate her to be better, but she says to herself “it will be better” and I don´t think it´s right.

  4. The problem with Ana is that she is more interested in striking a pose for Sports Illustrated (or any other magazine for that matter)then in tennis; if she ever looses her cash we will be seeing Ana at the local bar ‘striking a pose’ b’cause girl needs to constantly draw attention to herself and to be told how ‘pretty she is’ forget tennis!!!

  5. She has only been working with Gunthardt for a few months. It was never expected that he would bring the results right away. It has been a while but we just have to be patient with her. I know she did well in Rome, but that didn’t mean that she was going to go back to the way she played before just like that. She also said that she had been sick before Paris and that her training hadn’t been as intense as she would have liked. Maybe that was a factor in her loss. With Ana, its all to do with her mentality. Once she gets it sorted out, she will be a better player than she is now. I have no doubt that Gunthardt is one of the best people she could have enlisted to help her, so I really hope that she sticks with him. It’s not as if Kleybanova is a nobody, she is a good player who has beaten Ana before. It was hardly as if this was a surprise.

  6. I am not writing her off yet, but this will take a long time. I think we’ll be able to tell after the US Open.


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