Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova waiting for the deciding set


Justine HeninMaria Sharapova at the 2010 French Open

The clash of the week between Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova in the third round of the French Open was suspended at 6-2 3-6 as the darkness and lurking rain would ensure the third set could not be finished on the Court Philippe Chatrier.

The four-time champion Henin, seeded 22nd this year, was in command during the first set. Sharapova didn’t convert any of her four break points, while Henin used both her chances to break and won the first set 6-2. Sharapova was trying, but wasn’t aggressive enough and hit three winners in comparison to Henin’s nine.

The 12th-seeded Russian then revived her aggression in the second set, and finally converted a break point, her eighth, to take a 5-3 lead and serve for the set. That final game of the second set Sharapova won to love.

Afterwards, today’s part of the match ended, on Sharapova’s momentum, but tomorrow is another day and the final outcome is absolutely uncertain. (photos: Ralf Reinecke, Stephane Martinache)


  1. I really feel that Maria will end up winning this match and actually end up winning the French Open title as well.
    Everything lines up. This is the year 2010. She has won a Grand Slam every two years since 2004.
    She won the Grand Slams in this order, Wimbledon, US, Aussie, and now the French is there to win.
    She was 13th in the world when she won her first Grand Slam and she is 13th in the world when she will win her ultimate Grand Slam.
    Maria had been playing so well even with all of the injuries. As much as I love Justine Henin (who is also one of my favorite players), I hope Maria can win this year’s French Open. Go Masha!

  2. I think Justine will come back tomorrow and beat Maria. Basically, I think the match will end the same way it started. Justine has been losing concentration during the 2nd set lately, making more errors. Tomorrow is another day, and Justine is overall the better player. She should win it.

  3. I saw that Masha was serving for the second set and just as I was about to start watching the final set, play is suspended. Typical 🙁 Will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow, as much as I love Masha, you have to give the edge to Justine as much as I hate to say it. Masha is scheduled to win the career slam this year though so you never know…..

  4. “Afterwards, today’s part of the match ended, on Sharapova’s momentum, but tomorrow is another day and the final outcome is absolutely uncertain.”

    Difficult to said what the outcome will hold. You are exactly right re: Sharapova’s momentum when the match ended. Tomorrow will most certainly involve a different set of dynamics for the two.

  5. Actually, its great to see these two out there again. I have missed Justine, and although she is inconsistent and seems to have trouble with her nerves, her talent still shines through. She adds so much variety to the game. I just love her. They are both fighters, and you never know what will happen.

  6. I hope Maria wins this of course. Justine wasn’t impressive in set 1 or 2. Maria only had two winners in the first set if I can recall, she only started showing up after being 0-4 down. Second set was pretty tight until 3-3 and Justine had 2 BPs, Maria served 3 double faults in that game alone yet she still fought back and won the game. Maria in the second set reminded me of her form in 2008. While it’s likely that she’ll be off to a slow start again tomorrow, and might even lose, I’m happy she snapped Justine’s winning streak in sets that nobody has done in over 5 years. Who would have thought it would be Maria who’s so vulnerable on clay?

    Maria looked impressive today, and if she keeps it up she’ll definitely win. But I can’t say for sure, Justine could up her game as well. Nevertheless, I’ll be cheering for Maria. She deserves it. Her fighting spirit is the one that’s winning her matches.

  7. I really want Sharapova to win, that would be amazing. However, as much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Brona and give the edge to Henin. She started playing really well, and if the trend follows, she will play really well at the beginning tomorrow as well. It is her “home court” advantage! I doubt either player will win. The ideal situation would be to see JJ beating Henin in the semis in a nail-biter. I hope JJ learned something from her last 10 lost matches with Justin and gives it her all. It would be an amazing achievement and I am wishing her all the best of luck!

    GO JJ!

    I am really happy all the French players are doing really bad…they are so cocky and the French crowd SUCKS!

    What are your predictions Ms. Marija–The tennis guru? hehehe…hope everything is going well with the preparations for the exams!

  8. I agree with Terrin and bb. I want sharapova to win, but i think Justine will edge her. Maria can win if her serve and mental power is working..

    Also, the french crowd does suck, what idiots clap after a double fault? Serena must be pretty strong, it seems all the french hate her

  9. Depends on how the match will begin tomorrow, both of them can win it, but I believe Henin is more likely to.

  10. Couldn’t watch or listen because I went to see Sex and the City, but I hope Justine wins! She seems to have lost momentum in the second set, but like everyone’s been saying, today’s another day, and on the clay surface, even if Justine’s not at 100% she always pulls herself out. Sure it’s another day for Maria, but she’s just not as strong on clay and I think the second set loss for Justine was because she’s just not as physically as fit as she’d like to be and her serve isn’t as reliable, but her mental toughness is always there.

  11. I really hope Maria will win, I think this victory could mean a world to her, even win RG? 🙂 As much as I admire Justine, I like Maria more. I think she started the match too slow, because in her mind she wasn’t really sure what to do agains Justine on clay, but as the match was going, she relaxed and played her game. It will be very important for her to start the match well, and she needs to trully believe, as much crazy it sounds, that she can beat Justine on clay. So, go Maria!


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