Sharapova’s, Pennetta’s and Ivanovic’s Wimbledon 2010 dresses

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Thanks to our reader Jacob we have information about the most probable fashion choices of Nike and adidas for their players and the upcoming Wimbledon.

Nike Women's Maria Sharapova Striking Lawn Dress 2010

Maria Sharapova will wear the Striking Lawn Dress. The Russian is apparently still in the mood for layers and elegant dresses. Personally, I preferred her other phases, but I can’t say her recent designs have been bad. The straps of this white Wimbledon dress are crossing at the back.

adidas Women's adilibria Dress 2010

Much more appealing to me is the dress that Ana Ivanovic and Flavia Pennetta will most probably wear – adidas’ Women’s adilibria Dress. Again, at first glance it looks more sporty and simple than Sharapova’s Nike, and I prefer the cleaner lines. This dress is also available in pink, and looks even better than the white version. (source: ProTennis)


  1. Not pink for Flavia!! Won’t suit her.

    White one is nice though, she’ll look good in that 🙂 Shame she’s not much good on grass 🙁

  2. The dresses are nothing special. Can’t wait to see what some of the other players are planning to wear. Great job on the passing Marija, I know you will do well on your final exam. I know how it feels to learn all of that 🙁 lots of stress, but on the positive side you finish soon and will have an eventful and relaxing summer!

  3. Don’t worry BB – players wear their wimbledon throughout the US OPEN series, don’t they? (at least ana ivanovic does! haha)

    I love Maria’s, its a little similar to her one last year; mixed with ivanovics from last year;

    = 2010 dress 😀

  4. I love Maria’s dress. It’s simple but elegant and it will really suit her. I like the adidas one aswell, It will look lovely on both Ivanovic and Pennetta. I’m looking forward to seeing the Stella McCartney design for Wimbledon, at least the all-white rule means that Wozniacki will finally be wearing something different!

  5. I love both dresses. Maria’s especially pretty at the bottom,can’t wait to see how it’ll look on her. I love all the adidas dresses and their other outfits, they look so simple and cute at the first sight, but if you look closer, you’ll see how much work had been invested while designing it. :)Hope Ana will wear both dresses, she is the real Adidas girl and they will look perfect on her (also, hope she’ll do something at Wimby and move up at rankings, so she could again wear unique outfits):)))

  6. I like both dresses too. I don’t like the dress that Maria wore on RG (last year and 2 years ago she was the best dressed girl on RG). Maria, Ana and Flavia are beautiful girls and they will look great in that dresses. I hope that Ana will get (at least) the fourth round at Wimbledon.

  7. You know what? I actually really like Maria’s dress.. usually I’m a huge critic of her outfits, but it looks simple, sporty and girly, not for a fashion show or crazy, bizarre colors. I’m not a fan of the adidas dress, I don’t like where they cut off the sleeves, I never think that’s a good look (reminds me a bit of Nadal’s muscle shirts lol) I can’t wait for Wimbledon!


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