Colorful outfits to be allowed on Wimbledon grass for the 2012 Olympics


The 2012 London Olympic tennis competition will take place on the grass of Wimbledon and the traditional all-white clothing we’re used to seeing at the venue will be replaced by as many colors as players wish to wear. The all-white rule is in force only for Wimbledon, so the Olympics will be free of such strict dress code even though the tennis competition will be held at the All England Club.

The last Olympic Games were held in Beijing in 2008 and women’s tennis competition singles medalists were Elena Dementieva (gold), Dinara Safina (silver) and Vera Zvonareva (bronze). The Williams sisters won in doubles. (source: Reuters)


  1. interesting.

    i thought just white apparel and maybe a small flag of the players nation.. but cool, some colour would be nice. i wish australia would stop wearing green and gold


  2. I think the Olympic participants no matter the sport have to wear the colors of their their respective countries. Ex: The U.S. athletes are suppose to wear red, white, and blue the colors of the flag. I believe The all white rule was waived to let the players wear the colors of their country’s flag. Lets hope the Olympic organizers choose good designs.

    Mr. Jacob, could have been worse thank your lucky stars the Australian flag color wasn’t neon pink. 😛

  3. Thanks for responding Marija. Yes that’s understandable and would be ideal. I will be sure to send you one through email when its typed up. I was thinking about providing tennis tips in general if thats okay.


  4. Eric from Midwest Tennis, tennis tips are ok, but you should relate it to some women’s tennis player, as that’s what this blog is about.


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