Beatrice Capra earns best career victories and No.3 ranking in Yahoo trends


Beatrice Capra is an 18-year-old American ranked 371st who reached the third round of the US Open with victories over Karolina Sprem in the first round, her first Top 100 win, and seed No.18 Aravane Rezai in the second round, her first Top 20 win. The victories made Capra an instant celebrity, at least according to Yahoo, as she was ranked third in their trending box Friday morning.

Yahoo trends Beatrice Capra

Capra is playing her first senior Grand Slam. She won the US Wild Card Playoffs and thus entered the main draw. She trains at the Evert Academy and Chris Evert has been her mentor.

Seed No.14 and 2006 US Open champion Maria Sharapova will be Capra’s opponent in the third round. American Melanie Oudin also faced Sharapova in the third round of her surprising run to the 2009 US Open quarterfinals.


  1. This morning I read an article where the girl was called the new American hope after the disappointment of Melanie’s defeat… The problem is that she could become also the new Italian hope, in fact her father is Italian and she has Italian passport …after the recent successes seems that Palmieri has offered her to play for Italy as there aren’t other players who hereafter can get the results of Schiavone or Pennetta.

  2. New American hope just got bagelled by Sharapova. What an awful performance by Capra. It looked more like a warm-up rather than an actual match. Melanie also fizzled out as the time went but at least she was able to put herself up on the scoreboard.

  3. Marine, don’t be so harsh, she’s 18. It’s a big accomplishment that she reached the third round. Look Stosur reached the US Open third round for the first time this year.

  4. I don’t think I’m being harsh, just realistic. It’s the same old story: first a lot of hype and then then…crash and burn.

  5. Don’t be so strict, she is 18, not everyone is able to play so many hard matches in a row in her age. She can be proud of herself with these results as she had to fight for wildcard, it was not just lucky opportunity.

  6. thats just a fluke…the Americans are desperate for a new player.Oudin and this girl are overrated,she won over a lacklustre Rezai who is possibly on Ramadan fasting

  7. Marine, it is true, it’s the well-known hype that often surrounds similar stories. Still, I wouldn’t be harsh on Capra, after all it’s not her fault.

    Fyoto, “won over a lacklustre Rezai who is possibly on Ramadan fasting” hahaha


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