Caroline Wozniacki loses US Open semifinals, and a lot more

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Caroline WozniackiTop seed and last year’s runner-up Caroline Wozniacki was confidently progressing at the US Open, losing just 17 games en route to the semifinals, but her first Top 10 opponent at the tournament, seventh seed Vera Zvonareva, defeated her 6-4 6-3 and ended her 13-match winning streak.

The loss may have cost Wozniacki the number one ranking, a million-dollar US Open series bonus and of course a first Grand Slam title.

And that’s not all, Wozniacki will probably have to deal with proving herself again. It’s true that she displayed stunning form in her first five matches, but all the opponents were unseeded except for Maria Sharapova, who is not in her prime time.

“Most things were going in. I had chances, and I don’t know, I made some mistakes today that I usually don’t do,” said the 20-year-old Wozniacki, who significantly increased her number of unforced errors, to 31, compared to previous matches.

“Yeah, it was a tough day for me in the office.”

Zvonareva has reached the title match of a second straight Grand Slam, having played the Wimbledon final against Serena Williams. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Sorry Caro did not stick to the script written for her to be in the finals. She’s young yet and will have other opportunities and along the way perhaps develop some commanding skills. She seems to actually be a sweet person.

    I figured Kim would win in three although Vee should have finished and won in two. Yet pretty remarkable for no playing time in any of the lead up tournaments to make it into a semi (for that she should be proud).

    It would be nice if Bepa wins this-what a great story that would be! A 1st time GS Champion!

    Marija: Good analysis!

  2. Vera played well, she kept Caroline off the balance, but I can’t avoid impression that Caroline didn’t give it all. It’s like it was her bad day, which is really suprising. Vera, who is usually nervous in moments like this, was calm and Caroline, who is usually confident and focused, seemed frustrated. Anyway, congrats to Vera; but I still think Kimmy’s gonna win the final 🙂

  3. I think that since Vera has a boyfriend(or who that cutie in her player-box is), she is much more calmer, no tears out there, I even saw her smiling on the court 🙂 Great performance by her, I wish a GS title 🙂
    It definitely wasn’t Wozzy’s day, but that’s sport.

  4. Shame that Wozzy did not make it through, but Vera was just a better player on the day. The hottie in her box is suppossed to be a childhood friend. The girl can pick well :-D,can’t she?

  5. The guy in her box is Sergey, her new coach and childhood friend, as Marine said. Vera really knows how to pick them 😉


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