Daryl wins Sam Stosur’s autograph on Best of The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour 2010 Zagat® Guide

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Win Zagat guide signed by Samantha Stosur

I’m happy to announce that another contest on Women’s Tennis Blog has passed very well and the winner this time is Daryl. The Best of The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour 2010 Zagat® Guide signed by Samantha Stosur is yours, Daryl! Congratulations! I will contact you shortly in order to obtain your address. If you don’t reply in ten days I will have to pick another winner.

Of course, the correct answer to the question “What was Samantha Stosur’s best result at the US Open in singles prior to 2010?” was “second round” and all of you answered correctly, but Daryl was the luckiest one and got picked in the random selection.

I would like to thank all of you who participated and don’t be disheartened if you didn’t win this time as Andi from the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour who provided me with the prize gave me a hint that she’ll eye more things to put aside and send me for my contests. 😉

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