Australian Open Nike dresses for Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova


Thanks to DeShawn Besabella I learned about two awesome videos showcasing Nike dresses and shoes tailored for Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova for the 2011 Australian Open. The apparel is presented by Nike staff themselves: Nike Tennis product line manager, Alex Chan, and Nike Tennis creative director, Janice Lucena.

Serena probably had the best tennis clothes in the season behind us, along with adidas adilibria representatives, and judging by this sophisticated Australian Open dress and Nike Air Max Mirabella 3 shoes, the year to come will be equally flattering when it comes to fashion. Only that Serena will not have much chance to wear it. It’s already confirmed that she’ll skip the Australian Open, and no one knows when she’ll come back. Serena’s white and blue Australian Open dress will probably be worn by Victoria Azarenka. But I suppose the dress would look better on Serena’s bustier body.

Nike came up with a peach and light gray color scheme for Maria Sharapova‘s strap dress, Nike Lunarlon Speed 3 shoes and warm-up jacket. The dress is supposed to have the touches of Australia, especially the back part which should look like a boomerang. The dress is essentially nice, but is not breathtaking or innovative, unlike many past dresses of Maria Sharapova.


  1. I totally about the move for Nike to place Serena’s clothing on Vika. If I were Vika I probably wouldn’t feel to happy about only getting a hand-me-down at the last second.

  2. I really like Serena’s dress and I think it’s perfect for her but not for Vika, as you say, Marija, she has a completely different figure, and we already had the opportunity to see a Serena’s dress on Vika, it doesn’t work and in the end I don’t believe that Nike gains positive publicity from this… I agree that Vika will not be happy, also because of Serena’s clothes don’t seem to bring her much luck.

    Masha’s dress is nice, but nothing new, we have to wait to see her in action 🙂

  3. Serena’s dress is great,great lines, great colour match…Maria’s is nice, I somehow really like the colours, but I mind that suspenders from the back look like a bra- not pretty.I think it will look fantastic on her, just as the US open day dress looked.

  4. I love Sharapova’s dress. I don’t like that Vika is left to wear Serena’s outfits- it’s clear that they don’t flatter her figure. Just let her wear what was designed for her! Although I do understand that if Serena can’t wear them that Nike have to do something to promote their fashion, but no-one was forced to wear Sharapova’s attire when she was out injured.

  5. I like the second half of videos when Janice Lucena (Creative Director) explains players preferences and model of dresses. I’ve never thought that Serena loves classic movies and Marilyn Monroe style (“Some like it hot” dress):-). Dresses are great (models and colors) as well as Serena’s shoes.
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  6. LOVE Serena Williams: Queen of the Tennis Court Blue dress…What a smile she has…xo’s. Check out my follow up story. Many Blessings.


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