Aravane Rezai’s family member threatens WTA safety?

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A mysterious situation involving a member of Aravane Rezai’s family is hitting the WTA. There are no specific details, but the WTA banned someone from Rezai’s family from attending all WTA events, indefinitely, because of a “serious safety matter” and because they value the health and well-being of tennis players as top priority.

The WTA doesn’t want to reveal what exactly happened and who the person in question is. But, we do know that Australian police are investigating the alleged incident involving a 23-year-old woman on January 18. Pretty intriguing story.

Rezai was defeated in the first round of the Australian Open by Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, and according to her website, she withdrew from the women’s doubles “for personal reasons”. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. This is a really sad news, rumors say that the person concerned is her father, seems that Aravane was beaten before her first round match and the reason seems to be her engagement to a young Iranian unwelcome…

  2. Marija, It’s what I meant, sorry for my English 😛 … I read it on an Italian website trusted, obviously seen the reserves of the WTA they also reported it as a rumor from Melbourne.

  3. Francesca, your English is excellent, don’t worry.

    And I read that Rezai is deeply affected by it and that she said the media invented it. :/

  4. Marija thanks, what you said is very valuable to me 🙂 …I read the same things and I just hope that whatever happened the problem has been contained before degenerating 🙁


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