It’s a fact, Caroline Wozniacki rightfully reigns No.1 ranking


Women’s tennis fans seem to be divided into two groups: those that think Caroline Wozniacki is true No.1 and those that believe she’s not justifying her status without a Grand Slam title. David Fearnhead, sports writer and the author of “Bailey of the Saints” which is due out in October 2011, is definitely on the Dane’s side and he’s eager to tell you why.

There is a lot of stuff and nonsense currently being spoken about who is the real number one in women’s tennis. I’ve grown a little wearisome at the constant snipping at Caroline Wozniacki by those claiming that her number one ranking should come with some sort of asterisk to indicate she’s not won a Grand Slam. Many claim the best player currently on the women’s tour is Kim Clijsters, but this somewhat defeats the purpose of the WTA Tour.

Clijsters may have been undefeated in Dubai and Doha, but that was only because she didn’t show up – and that is a long way from any sort of victory.

The fact is that the number one player on the WTA Tour is Wozniacki and that is despite the massive jacking up of points players obtain from the Grand Slams. A fact reflected by the fact that only the Williams sisters – who are hardly famous for their attendance records – have played less matches than Clijsters. The number one ranking is rightly based on performances on the WTA Tour over a season, not just in the 4 majors.

Wozniacki took the number one spot in 2010 with 6 WTA titles to her name and 62 match wins. Wozniacki has done the hard yards. Turning up week after week to defend her number one ranking.

Yes, Clijsters took the Australian Open this year but she also fell in Sydney and Paris. Which disproves the myth that she would win more if she chose to play more. Clijsters’ schedule is wise. She comes to tournaments fresher in both mind and body. Whilst Clijsters rested Wozniacki was busy winning the title in Dubai and coming close in Doha.

People point out that Clijsters has a winning record against Wozniacki, but lets face it they’ve only played each other twice and both were on hard courts – I hardly think this allows anyone to put up their feet and say Clijsters has Wozniacki’s number anywhere, anytime.

If we are to go on head-to-heads or the latest form guide then Vera Zvonareva could rightly claim to be the true number one, after all she has a winning record against Clijsters since the Belgian returned to the game in 2009. She also beat Wozniacki in Doha squaring up their head to heads at four all.

I’ve now doubt the debate will continue and intensify as Serena’s return from injury gathers pace, and there’s Venus to consider too, but the rankings do not lie. Wozniacki is the number one player on the WTA Tour and no victories should be handed to any player who doesn’t turn up to an event.

David is not the only reader of Women’s Tennis Blog who thinks this way and wants to tell the world about it. Our contributor John Bolan also stands by Wozniacki as the real No.1.

Additional info: In case you want to read more from David, check out his previous contribution to Women’s Tennis Blog: Ear plugs are available – Time to put a stop to the screamers in women’s Tennis. (photos: Johan Rivera)


  1. Personally, I’m tired of people saying how the ranking system is flawed. I believe that Clijsters is a much greater champion than Wozniacki, at least so far, but it doesn’t mean the Wozniacki doesn’t deserve her current ranking. After all, if it’s so easy to be No.1, why can’t any of the “deserving” players, Grand Slam champions, step up their strategy and be top-ranked as well.

  2. Kim Clijsters is one of my favourite players and I was really glad when she became No. 1 again. Clijsters is one of the rare typs on the tour. Without her there wouldn’t be such a great tennis anymore.
    But I have also to say Caro is one of the players who play the most tournaments. I think such a consistence should be crowned with the No. 1.
    However, I think Kim is a better player. A type.

  3. What I mind about ranking system is that a world number 1 used and should still mean a player that is very, very hard to defeat- at Slams and at any other tournament, like Justine used to be. Now, it’s all about the most consistent player, and that just ain’t the best to me.

  4. I agree with you Marija, people were saying the same thing when JJ and Safina were number 1 as well, if they play well enough, they deserve the ranking.

  5. I agree with this opinion. I consider the whole “real no.1 debate” to be really out of place. Winning grand slam is not a condition to be a no.1 player. In fact, a player has to do more than win a slam because 2000 alone will never be enough to get to a no.1 position. The competition is tough, non-slam players often perform consistently well throughout the year therefore if those who won a slam want to be on the top of the rankings they need to perform better. Simple as.
    Grand slam is also just one of the tournaments. Smaller tournaments also offer tough matches. Caroline, Dinara, JJ all deserved their ranking just as well as those no.1 with a slam.

  6. I dunno. The fact is that Wozniacki has negative won/loss record when compared to most top players. She has her ranking because, as many of you mentioned, she is very consistent. I doubt this is how rankings should be done, but it is the most fair way I guess. I think the best player, on court, should get the number one ranking not the most consistent one. Clijsters is a much better player than Wozniacki and that was proven many times.

    Marija, I doubt that many top players at the moment care if they are number 1 or number 10. There is a lack of pressure to get to Number 1 I believe. No one really takes too much time to “strategize” and climg to number one.

  7. Bb, I highly doubt anyone would mind being the No.1. If it’s so easy, and you’re such an overall champ, why not take that extra effort and be No.1 as well.

  8. Go Caro!!! The French will be very interesting because she has the perfect game to win it.


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