Win free women’s tennis apparel – adidas adizero outfit or Sharapova Nike dress


Just as promised a few moments ago when I announced the birthday celebration week, here’s the first contest and your chance to win valuable and beautiful women’s tennis apparel worn by tennis stars such as Daniela Hantuchova, Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova.

Keller Sports, a German company which has a wide selection of the best brands in women’s tennis apparel and equipment, gladly agreed to give me my top choice of tennis outfits. So here’s what I picked for you guys:

  • adidas Adizero tank and skort – not only that it’s worn by beautiful tennis stars Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova, the outfit is simply amazing, from top to bottom, and I’m really excited to be able to give it to one of you! Specifications: Adidas W Adizero Skort SS11 (tag inside says it’s a German/EU 38, and it’s 73 cm around the waist with a length of 23 cm) and the Adidas W Adizero Tank SS11 (tag inside says it’s a German/EU 2XS, and it is 74 cm across the ribs).
  • Nike Maria Sharapova Oz Open Ace dresshow can I not include the dress worn by the fashion queen of tennis? Not only is the dress made by a top sports manufacturer, it’s worn by a tennis champion who also happens to have an outstanding sense of style. Specifications: Size S, which is a German/EU 36.

There will be one winner of the contest and if you are the lucky one you will choose either the ensemble of adidas Adizero tank and skort or Nike Maria Sharapova Oz Open Ace dress.

HOW TO ENTER – there are 2 steps, pretty simple:

Step 1: In the comments below, answer the following question: Which WTA player is giving the most justice to her apparel sponsor? Just write your opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. Please provide your valid email address, so that I can contact you if you win. Also, write your real name, or the one you’re using on Facebook, just so that I could identify you in Step 2 of the contest.

Step 2: On the wall of Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook group, write which of the two tennis outfits you’d like to receive if you win the contest.

If you complete both the steps, you will become eligible to win the contest. Of those of you who qualify, I will randomly pick one winner.

The contest starts right now and entries are open until Sunday, April 3rd, 1 p.m. CET. Do join and tell your friends as well!

If you have any questions or uncertainties about the rules of the contest, feel free to ask me. My goal is that as many of you successfully complete all the steps and qualify to win the prize. (photos courtesy of Keller Sports and Tidalist)

Update: This contest is closed now. Entries are not being accepted any more.


  1. Li Na does great justice for Nike. For some reason I always like what she is wearing. It is always athletic without being too flashy or distracting from the way she plays tennis. If I had to wear the same wardrobe of one player, it would be her.

  2. Serena Williams, although she has not played for a while sadly 🙁 When she does, her clothes are amazing! Especially in 2010, it was amazing, fresh vibrant colours. All of her clothes looked amazing on her! I would love to have worn them all. She all ways looks so good in her clothers, everything always suits her! Would have loved to have seen her 2011 Aus Open dress, it looked so good, and she looked amazing in the promo photos!

    So definatly, Serena Williams gives the most justice to Nike!

  3. Emi, thanks for joining! Of course, you also completed both the steps correctly.

    Serena has a unique figure, and I think that Nike made just perfect designs for her last year, and she wore them well.

  4. Victoria Azarenka is the one who ,in my opinion,gives the most justice to her apparel. Of course the apparel of nike are siply amazing but it’s perfect on Vika. She’s tall and thin but not too much actually just enough. All the colours suit her perfectly the Pink at cincinatti the orange and the blue thanks to her beautiful tanned skin. She’s also wearing which are i must say really pretty on her with her long blonde hair. I particulary loved the skirt that she wear last year in wimbledon I actually bought it after seeing it on her so in a way she pushed me to buy it.

  5. Bethanie Mattek Sands does it best for Under Armour – and I expect her to keep it up over the course of this year as Under Armour introduces more gear aimed at tennis women.

  6. I prefer Daniella’s outfit better, the style is right and slim, the colors are lovely – I like how the green is combined with the purple…Maria’s look too regular for me.

  7. Hard decision, but I’m gonna have to go with Maria Sharapova. I think her Nike outfits have already become legendary. She’s maybe not on the top of her game, but still everyone is wondering what Masha will wear next. Plus now she has her own line, which is actually to me right now the best designs from Nike. 😀

  8. Tough question 🙂 but I’ll choose Ana Ivanovic. She is the most beautiful and everything she wears looks great!

  9. Inès, Kim, Mirjana and Dobrila, you’ve all qualified. Good luck! I have to pitch Kartikeya to write on FB as well.

  10. I love the adidas for stella mc cartney collection but I liked it better on maria kirilenko than on caroline. but I think maria sharapova is competetive and always looks good in her nike dresses. without her it would be boring I think she combines it best!

  11. John, if you want to qualify for the contest you have to complete the two steps described. Right now you haven’t qualified. I hope you will.

  12. Carolyn Wozniacki – love it or not – her outfit, ruffles and all, has been the talk of the tour!

  13. I have to agree with my dear friend Dobrila and say Ana Ivanovic 🙂 Marija, you’re the best!!!:D :* (ovo nije bilo nimalo uvlakacki, take my word for it, hahaha!:D)

  14. Maria Sharapova does fantastic justice for Nike. This is obviously the case since they gave her a 70 million dollar contact with them. Arguably, Sharapova one of the most famous sport-figures in the world, because of her grunts, looks, and of course, her fashion. The public feel that if they also wear Nike products like Maria, they will in-body her strength, beauty and power. Even though Sharapova isn’t at the top of her game, she is still incredibly famous and one of the most watched female players, endorsing nike and herself. I always wonder what she’ll wear at the next tournament, and thats something im sure that Nike love.

  15. unlike those who choose the glamour players I think that Vera Zvonareva does the most for her outfit. She is petite with a lovely figure — and those eyes !!!

  16. Well, Ana Ivanovic has wore beatiful dresses, but is sad that we haven’t seen her with them lately.
    I would definitely choose her, everything she wears looks great on her.

  17. caroline wozniacki because she plays a lot so her dress is seen every time and thats good for her sponsor

  18. Maja, hahaha so glad to see you here! We should meet for a coffee and film a video of drawing the winner together. 🙂 At my place. 😉 You will not have preferential treatment, but you can be the lucky one! Dobrila is invited too.

    Jacob, you really backed up your point of you. Very nice! 🙂 You’ve qualified, just as Stella, Estefania and Kay Reid.

    This contest is looking great! 🙂 I’m very satisfied. Two more days for people to join! Invite your friends!

  19. The question gave me a bit to think about, but in the end I had to choose Maria Sharapova, only her name is a kind of guarantee, she’s one of the most famous athletes also outside of the court, many of her clothes are legendary and of course she wore them all perfectly… Although her recent results have not been great she has never gone unnoticed. 🙂

  20. Good Question… I would say it’s Caroline Wozniacki because she looks great in everything she’s wearing. This also makes Adidas by Stella McCartney looking good. It’s good for the image of Adidas to have the worlds number 1 for advertising.
    And Caro would even look great in a potato sack 😉

  21. Pati, you have to complete Step 2 as well, write which outfit you’d like to win on the wall of the Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook group.

  22. Which WTA player is giving the most justice to her apparel sponsor?
    I think Maria Sharapova is the one, not only she wore them right, but she’s also heavily involved in the creation.

  23. I think Caroline Wozniacki. Stella McCartney and Adidas design very unique outfits just for her, and she definitely promotes and talks about her outfits often.

  24. I have to go with Maria Sharapova. You always want to know what she’s going to wear. It’s impossible not talk about her outfit and she’s always so lady like…

  25. This is quite a difficult question to answer indeed. Fashion is increasingly becoming a vital part of tennis and all of the players do their best to bring attention to their clothing sponsors. A few names come to my mind immediately in terms of who do the best job in giving justice to their sponsors: Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams, etc. However, I think that I will go with Maria Sharapova. I think Sharapova does the best job in giving justice to her sponsors because no athlete ever brings more attention to fashion than Sharapova. When outfits are revealed for the Slams, everyone clamors eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Sharapova’s outfits. Plus, her outfits always bring something different. =)

  26. Definitely Ana Ivanovic. Her outfits always look stunning on her although they are mostly very simple.

  27. I think Kim Clijsters is giving the most justice to her apparel sponsor, because she is such a great and complete player who gets through the last rounds on a tournament. Even tough FILA outfits aren’t as exciting or cute as adidas’ or Nike’s they focus on performance. Anyways, the looks of your outfit aren’t going to take you to win a match

  28. I’d have to say Maria Sharapova because she takes the time and effort to design the clothes she will wear. And, then she goes out on court, and looks flawless in them. 🙂

  29. Jacob, good question! 🙂 I’m thinking to draw all the winners at once, when all the three competitions close, but I’ll see. You’ll know by the end of next week for sure, but I’ll try to do it over the weekend.

  30. Serena and venus williams make the most of their outfits when playing. It’s sad that they missed French open


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