Dinara Safina denies brother Marat’s claims of her retirement


Dinara Safina’s brother Marat recently stated how his sister’s back is in such a bad state that she should forget tennis and look for living a regular life.

She must continue with her therapy, but would not be able to play again.

He also said that she was about to announce her retirement. However, the young Russian is denying her brother’s claims and on her Twitter account she’s saying that a retirement is still not her chosen option, she just doesn’t know yet when she will return.

My sweet tweeties, I didn’t make yet any official announcement… Give me please some time and I’ll let you all know… Right now I want to take of my back, on Tuesday I’m having a treatment… Once I decide something you’ll be the first to know I promise! Love you all.

Safina announced an indefinite break from tennis in May, while she hasn’t played since April in Madrid. (photo by our reader Tony)


  1. I really liked how this was written however I think more input would have been nice. For instance, more background information like how long she has had the injury, how she has placed in past tournaments, why her brother is making statements?. Those would be nice to know in case you had no idea what had happened to Safina.

  2. Smpayne2, there are links in the article (purple underlined text) that lead you to past articles which will tell you more about the background.

  3. A little short and brief for my liking, i would have enjoyed to read about more background information rather than being directed to separate links and i don’t think you have fully explained the extent of Dinara’s back injury. However it was a good read and an effective update on Dinara and her unfortunate situation.


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