Flavia Pennetta puts it out there: single with satisfactory sex life


You have to love Flavia Pennetta. In an interview with Diva e donna the Italian admitted how former boyfriend and former tennis world No.1 Carlos Moya hurt her, because she believed they would be together for the rest of their lives, and how she can now hardly give her whole heart to a man, but the hilarious Flavia assured us that she’s not missing out on the physical pleasures despite her single status.

The end of my relationship with Moya hurt me more than any injury. I put him before myself and you shouldn’t do that for a man. Now I’m single, officially, but it wasn’t so long ago that I last made love.

Pennetta and fellow tennis player Moya broke up in 2007, due to his cheating. Moya has since been with Spanish actress Carolina Cerezuela with whom he has a daughter now. (source: Gazzetta, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. someone knows if safarova and berdych broke out?? because on the master’s player’s party tomas is with another girl

  2. Brenda,

    Safarova and Berdych offically broke up just after Wimbledon this year.

    He is now dating model Ester Satorova

  3. I came across another Flavia’s quote about devastation after Moya’s unfaithfulness:

    “I put everything aside to support him. If you count the times I did it, probably the number is in itself ridiculous. My passion was him, I gave myself completely, and I lost my balance …People felt sorry for me and I could not even defend myself. It was as if I had lost my taste for things. I was trying to be numb towards life, not to feel pain. I did not even feel physical [pain]. A silly example: even when I was waxing, I did not even feel anything.”


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