Winner of Emily Austin’s tennis necklace selected!

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For the celebration of the 5th birthday of Women’s Tennis Blog we organized a contest with a valuable glittery prize – a necklace with a tennis ball pendant adored by Swarovski crystals. The beautiful prize is a present of Emily Austin, a jewelery designer situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. Emily customizes jewelry and her selection includes more than 100 Swarovski colors. In addition, Emily has special collections dedicated to sports, such as tennis, yoga, football and golf.

Your task in the contest was to give correct answer to question “How many posts have been published on Women’s Tennis Blog so far?”. The correct answer was option No. 2, 2600-2800 posts. You could easily determine that by going to the bottom of the page, where by clicking “last” you could see that Women’s Tennis Blog had 278 pages. Multiply that by ten posts per page and you get the correct answer. Also, you needed to find a friend to leave a comment on the Women’s Tennis Fans page on Facebook explaining why you should win, preferably in a fun way. The winner selection process was random.

Now I have the pleasure of announcing the winner of the necklace 🙂 *drumroll*:


Lilly Li correctly answered the question and her friend commented on Facebook: Lily Li should receive the necklace because almost everything that she owns has something to do with tennis : tennis-designed shorts, undergarments, bow, toothbrush, cup, bed sheets, blanket . . . She needs a necklace that is tennis related, of course 🙂

Congratulations, Lily Li!

I would like to thank all of you who participated in the contest. I hope that those of you who didn’t win this time will have more luck in my future contests. Don’t lose hope! 🙂 Also, I would like to thank you for fun Facebook comments, especially Kartik for his song about Women’s Tennis Blog:

WTB is 5, and it is cruising
And is celebrating with bling
Sounds like quite the thing

Plus, I been around since the beginning
And I seem to be the only one to do the right answering

Which is why I should be the one winning :-p

Cheers – mucho love,


Thank you all once again for participating, and thank you, Emily, for providing me with the wonderful prize. I’m looking forward to new celebrations and contests on Women’s Tennis Blog.


  1. Kartik, if it’s a consolation, my friend Dobrila is still waiting to win a contest on my blog. She’s desparate that she didn’t win this necklace 😛 Actually, I also won the necklace! 🙂 But I have to be selfless 😀

  2. No worries – I enjoy hamming it up 😉

    Dobrila: better luck next time … mebbe u should try “influencing” Marija with chocolate or something 🙂


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