Freshly recovered from back injury, Petkovic twists ankle in Stuttgart second round


Because of a back injury, world No.12 Andrea Petkovic had been away from the competition from Sydney in the beginning of January to the last weekend’s Fed Cup tie against Australia, which is full three months. And now playing only her second match in a WTA event since the comeback, the German suffered an ankle injury and retired in the second set against Victoria Azarenka.

The top-seeded Azarenka won the first set 6-2. With the score tied at 4-4 in the second set Petkovic twisted her right ankle and it swelled up immediately. Tomorrow’s tests will show how great the damage is.

This Petkovic’s quote assures me that she’s staying positive:

It is definitely unlucky, but I will be back again.

After the three-month layoff Petkovic lost to Samantha Stosur 6-4 6-1 in the Fed Cup, then in the first round of Stuttgart she defeated Kristina Barrois 6-1 6-4, and now she’s on the sidelines again. Hopefully the injury is not too serious! (photo: sr_cranks)


  1. Awful to watch those slowmo replays, isn’t it. And it happened just when Andrea was finally fully on fire, making it a mighty rough sailing for Azarenka… The match could have went either way. Too bad.
    That aside, today was a true celebration of women’s tennis at it’s most wonderful, courtesy of Mona Barthel (put poor Marion Bartoli through a 6:3, 6:1 drubbing) – so much so that even the tennis-celebrities-obsessed had to finally notice: Richard Pagliaro went as far as to call her game, believe it or not, “larger-than-life”. Good morning, over there, experts!

  2. Poor Petko! Especially that she really was putting up a quite a fight!

    On the completely different note, why is Andrea’s adidas outfits always different then others’ addidas players? I mean, this season everyone is wearing orange and she’s wearing this red/blue outfit? Anyway, I love her outfits 😉

  3. Maggie, if these old eyes of mine were not playing tricks on me, Andrea was actually wearing a red/green combo! As to (a possible) “why”: perhaps she trusts her (and not only hers) colour-sensibility more than the, often arbitrary, dictates of seasonal fashion (the main objective of which is to make you throw away your, still good and useful, “unfashionable” clothes so as to buy new, “fashionable” ones). And I, for one, am all the way with her on this one: the red/green is the strongest, most satisfying pair of all the three complementary ones (the other two being blue/orange and yellow/purple). Moreover, when I saw it, I felt that sort of fullness somewhere in my plexus solaris that I (being a visual artist by both vocation and education) know so well. By the way, it is also a combination often seen in folk-art (Hungarian, Italian, etc.), and folk-art is very often (though not always) rooted in the physio-psychological nature of humankind, and therefore (historically, at least, if not recently) resistant to fashion. Now, this all may sound too complicated or whatever, but it really boils down to quite a simple, universal experience: disregard the fashion, just look and feel – as (if my presumptions be right) Andrea seems to be doing.

  4. Maggie, dear, I did not base my perception on any article about anyone showcasing anything! I based it on my own eyes and the monitor they were staring at during the match! If I misjudged blue for green, blame it (as I shall) on the imperfection of one the two, but, for Pete’s sake… a couple of minutes ago, on another thread, I just praised what I perceived to be your objective, enquiring spirit!

  5. Actually, I based my perception also on my own eyes (I was really waiting for this match – I was hoping for Petko win, first ’cause I like her and second, I was hoping she’d take Azarenka out of Radwanska’s way:). That’s why I was surprised to see that you saw green rather then blue. The same as you, I choose to blame in on my TV screen imperfection. But I was intrigued, especially that the idea that I mistook one colour for another was unsettling one, considering that I’m art historian, so this kind of mistake is a BIG problem for me:) So, for my own peace of mind, I made an effort to find the some info about what those colours really are, hence the article 😉
    See, I’m enquiring 😉 btw, thanks for your kind words 🙂

  6. Maggie, I just discovered your last comment, going back to this thread to offer my apologies and the following explanation: The mystery is now solved, and the culprit was – my monitor (which I’d mentioned [see above], and, it turned out, for a good reason)! Namely, several days before this whole business, my TFT monitor has suddenly given up the ghost on me, so, for the time being, I had to use my ancient CRT (the “tube”), several generations older than my computer (and video-card). It was a helluva job to tune the thing (contrast, colours-ratio, etc.) so as to be able to actually see anything clearly enough… To cut the story short: now that I’ve installed my brand new TFT monitor, and checked back, it became obvious that, to manage enough light/contrast, it was necessary to boost the lightest basic colour, yellow, at the expense of the other two – and (now you probably guess already) what happened was that, with too much yellow in the mix, blue turned to green (besides bright-red leaning even more toward orange)! Voilà!
    So, let me reiterate the apology, and add: after all, I’m glad you were right – and, by the way, there’s no need to thank me for the kind words, since you deserved them anyway.


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