The richness of WTA tennis fashion at the 2012 French Open – video overview

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Every Grand Slam is a unique opportunity for tennis fashion to step up and shine in the best light, so here at Women’s Tennis Blog I always compile a collage of WTA photos to show the variety of styles in one place. For this French Open I played with movie making a bit and made this slideshow video. I hope you like it! Of course, don’t forget to click the YouTube “Like” button if you do! 🙂

I included a lot of brands in the video, so that you get as comprehensive picture as possible. You can see players wearing Nike, Adidas,  Lotto, Reebok, Anta, Lacoste, Asics, Under Armour, EleVen, Fila and Adidas by Stella McCartney.

As you’ll notice in the video, my pick for the best look of the 2012 French Open is Serena Williams, even though her display of the three-shade green Nike dress lasted for just one match (a long and exciting one, though). Also perfect was Ana Ivanovic and all the others who sported the Adidas Adizero style in lime and core energy.

Who’s on your best-dressed list?


  1. My favourite is also Serena’s, and Maria’s is cool. The rest of the Nike’s look pretty much the same as always.:/ Ana looks cute, as always. Caroline’s outfit is horrible, it’s the worst thing i’ve seen her in. The design doesn’t fit her at all, and there’s just too many different shades of yellow and orange, what was Stella thinking?!

  2. Mirjana, Stella has definitely fallen off my list of favorites. Stella ditched Kirilenko for her bad ranking, but it seems that Kirilenko was a better promotion nevertheless 😛

  3. I think I’ve already said that somewhere, but I love Serena’s dress! On the other hand, I don’t like at all Maria’s dress, in my opinion it’s too dark for tennis, she looks as if she were going to a funeral…
    I like this Adidas Adizero line – it’s not something I would choose to wear, but I like how it looks on girls (Kerber is wearing it too and it looks nice on her). As for Caro, her outfit make me laugh, she reminds me of an overgrown easter baby chick… but in the end it’s still better than what I usually think of Stella’s outfits – I hate them! Caro looks ridiculous in them, there’s always too much of everything.
    I like Radwanska’s dress (I think it’s the first time ever I like so much a Lotto dress) and I like Shvedova Fila’s outfit (and I especially love her glasses, they’re soooooo cool ;).

  4. I like Serena’s dress the most. I don’t like the style of Ana’s dress.. didn’t like the other colors as well.. The purple of Kvitova and Li is too dark for spring (maybe better for indoor end of season tournaments?!) And I agree with Maggie, this is the first Lotto dress I did like 🙂 The worst style-performance in my eyes was Kuznetzova… sorry, but Fila has dressed her way better before…

  5. Maggie, I agree, Maria’s dress is too dull in terms of colors, that brown/olive shade gives no energy and is especially low in the list of my choices for spring. It’s unexpected, but yes, Aga has a better look this time than Maria!

    Liz, I figure that Ana’s dress, especially the colors, is either love or hate. I’m always a fan of the, in my opinion, perfectly matched awkward color combinations. Kuznetsova is ok with me… Kvitova – too much purple (even though I’m a huge fan of purple!), while Li is nice and sporty, not outstanding but spot-on classic.

  6. Serena’s one is wonderful. But Lacoste’s red one is the best! It looks perfect on Gisela Dulko! It has really nice design

  7. Hello, Maggie. Good, good eye, no doubt… I agree with every point you’ve made (and love that biting tongue of yours).
    Now, I’d also like to ask you a nagging question of mine which you (being a Parisian, as I understood from your previous comments) may know the answer to: what’s up with Caroline Garcia? Is it ‘only’ the (difficult enough) transition from being a ‘wunderkind’ to becoming a senior achiever, or, God forbid, something even worse? Any insider’s information? My fingers are getting numb from being held crossed for her (not that I really mind the numbness, though).


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