Injury misfortune for Kaia Kanepi for her third Olympics in a row


Estonian No.1 and world No.16 Kaia Kanepi has not healed from her Achilles injury and has thus withdrawn from the 2012 London Olympics. Unbelievable! Before the 2004 Athens Olympics, Kanepi broke her little finger when she fell while running and had an appendix surgery just a month before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. However, she did compete at both events, while this year she’s totally out.

Remember the Olympics-dedicated Kanepi interview we published last month, in which she expressed how hopeful she was for the upcoming Games, especially given her successful 2012 with Brisbane and Estoril titles and French Open quarterfinals? Everything is shattered now. Here’s Kanepi’s statement for her official website:

It is very sad that I cannot participate in the Olympics. I do not know if I will ever get another chance to participate in the Olympic Games. At the moment all I want is my legs to be ok and that I could play tennis without feeling any pain.

The 27-year-old Estonian first started feeling the injury in spring in Estoril and after the memorable French Open she took a break to heal, but the most recent ultrasound examination revealed that the heel problem is still there. (photo: Not enough megapixels)


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