Stars for the star: Fila honors Kim Clijsters with US Open 2012 outfit


The 2012 US Open will be the last tournament of Kim Clijsters‘ career and Fila is honoring its biggest WTA representative with a symbolic star-patterned collection.

There are 11 bigger stars in the print, paying tribute to the 11 years the Belgian has spent with Fila, while four stars have a tennis ball, honoring Clijsters’ four Grand Slam titles. The main colors of the collection are white and navy with red accenting, typical Fila style.

The three-time US Open champion Clijsters will officially quit the sport after the Diamond Games, December 12 in Antwerp. (source: @FilaTennis)


  1. I like the idea and colours, but that shorts with stars is a little bit silly, too much for my taste. 😀

  2. I knew she would not totally quit after the US Open :-). And she has not yet withdrawn from China Open neither.

  3. Kim and Fila always had nice cooperation together 🙂 Fila just knows how to design perfect outfits to Kim. I just wonder what will “Empress” JJ wear?

  4. I expect a nice dress for JJ. Fila looks the best on Jankovic, better than Reebok and definitely better than Anta.


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