Nike’s US Open outfits for Sharapova, Williams, Azarenka and Li


Nike has revealed the US Open clothes for their major stars, including the supporting apparel such as headbands, jackets and visors.

A few days ago we got to see Maria Sharapova‘s US Open night dress with ink stain print and then we also got a peak at her day dress, while now we have a better view of the peach day dress, officially called Nike’s Autumn Premier Maria Dress.

Serena Williams will sport her typical style – a V-neck dress with a band accentuating her waist. The piece combines red and pink, while the night version will probably be in dark armory blue and heather grey.

Victoria Azarenka‘s New York City outfit will consist of the Nike Autumn Advantage Solid Knit Tank in red and a high-waisted skort, while Li Na will work the Autumn UV Printed Knit Top and Flounce Knit Skort.


  1. Yeah, I still don’t like that Maria’s peach dress.

    I’m starting to get little disappointed by Serena. Almost every dress she has wear the whole year have been similar. Ok, maybe it’s her style and fits her but isn’t it a time to try something different already? I don’t like the dress that much but maybe it’ll look nicer in the night colors. Who knows.

    Li Na is wearing her typical outfit but I think she looks good and it would be weird if she’d wear a dress. 😀

    But all in all I think all the outfits are surprisingly simple and little dull actually. IMO for example Adidas has a lot more interestin outfits than Nike.

  2. I think Nike has been boring for years. Especially Maria’s dresses are always the same in different colours. Maybe Vika is the only one who gets more varied stuff recently.

  3. Serena is gorgeous in that. The concept of the deeper shade “fading into” the lighter shade is best seen in her dress. Amazing. Pink suits her.

  4. Addendum: I also absolutely love the way Serena’s skirt drapes. Hers is easily the most beautiful of the dresses. Or maybe it’s her stunning, # l fitness that helps make the dress so impressive. Wow. Serena has said she’s into dressing more conservatively these days. Her white skirt and yellow top and white skirt and red top from 2010 were fantastic on her as well. And even mimicked by a mixed-doubles team later ( there wasn’t a skirt on the guy), though .

  5. Even though Serena’s look is best, I also like the combo of pink and grey ( my wedding colors) on Na Li and Azarenka. Sharapova’s looks a little washed-out.

  6. Hmmm. Serena actually STUDIED design as a second career, so where is HER video describing HER dress?

  7. Not impressed at all with marias designs. They’re so boring and unflattering. I love serenas design. Its cute and particularly love her skirt. Would love to see the night version as well.


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