Update on Jelena Dokic, still no news of comeback


The last time we updated you on Jelena Dokic was in November last year and then the news was that the former world No.4 would miss the 2013 Australian season. Now I’ve received an update from reader Chris, actually pretty much just the confirmation that Dokic’s comeback is still uncertain.

Dokic played her last match in April 2012, then had a surgery on her wrist and a return to competitive tennis is still not near. The 30-year old Australian was seen at the practice courts of a German academy in the summer, but she is yet to commit to a WTA tournament. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Sad. Jelena even has a chance to use a solid SR of 126 for 8 tournaments!
    I can’t understand how she isn’t motivated enough for this opportunity. Besides 30 is the new 20 on tour so age is not a problem.
    All it takes is 2-3 months of hard practice.

  2. It comes down to motivation and fitness. Resting a wrist does not mean condition can’t be maintained.
    My guess is Jelena became overweight and simply isn’t competitive even on a 10K level. As a tennis fan I hope she puts in the work but it is a strange position as a fan to want it more than she does.
    Age isn’t the issue but it all seems a bit tortured
    at this point.


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