Serena Williams beats Li Na for her fourth WTA Championships title


Serena WilliamsIn the first final of the WTA Championships which featured two 30-something-year-olds, world No.1 Serena Williams defeated Li Na for her 11th title this year, becoming the oldest ever champion at the prestigious tournament.

The beginning of the match was in Li’s hands, as the Chinese fourth seed broke twice, without facing a break point herself, and took the set 6-2, before earning more break points in the opening game of the second set. However, the well-known Williams’ force awoke then and the American prevented the break, ran off to a 3-0 lead and kept the momentum all the way to a 2-6 6-3 6-0 victory.

Williams’ 2013 season was so successful that her prize money this year – $12,385,572 – is the third highest in history, counting both men and women. Regarding the earnings, Williams’ season was more successful than any season of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and only Novak Djokovic’s 2011 and 2012 were more lucrative. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Didn’t get to watch the match on TV since ESPN relegated it to online but wow, what a comeback from Serena. Great year to end her season. And great for Li too. Ending year at #3 isn’t bad at all. They deserve the rest!!!


  2. What great champion Serena is … at 32 she still can beat anyone in any day not even playing at 50% of her energy… Li plays very well, but when Serena is on fire no ONE can stop her !!

  3. If this were a true tennis… Oh, well, lemme start anew… If there was a proper place on this blog to post the following comment, I’d gladly post it there, but since there isn’t one, I’ll post it here. So, there goes: kudos to Hsieh Su-Wei and Peng Shuai for deservedly winning the doubles competition! Watching them play is watching pure tennis-magic at work. They already must belong to the greatest female doubles ever – and right on time, to abundantly fill the gaping hole left in the department by Gisela Dulko’s retirement which left her partner, Flavia Pennetta, stranded (for the time being, hopefully). Be as it may – you go, girls, it’s a joyful privilege watching the two of you play (to put it conservatively).

  4. Li played superb for the first two sets and I liked her serve-and-volley tactics, but when Serena woke up that was the end for Li.

    Overall I thought this was a lacklustre champs with very few noteworthy matches. Serena is light years away from the rest of the field and it had a predictable feeling from the start. I really hope Petra pushes on next year and along with Azarenka, can try and give Serena some competition.

  5. Great year by Serena, because she did dominate. I don’t mean to say this in a mean way, but I hope she has fun defending all these points and titles next year.


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