Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas dress for the 2014 French Open


Ana Ivanovic Adidas dress for French Open 2014Ana Ivanovic Adidas dress for French Open 2014 - back

Thanks to Women’s Tennis Blog’s reader Regina, I learned that we can already buy Ana Ivanovic’s 2014 French Open dress at Tennis Warehouse. There are two versions of the Adidas item, light lime and night blue, and both feature wonderful see-through V-shaped back with colorful criss-cross lines adding to the bold look. The dress comes with coordinated bra and shorts and all in all looks amazing!

Ivanovic's Adidas dress for French Open 2014

Hopefully Ivanovic will not opt for the blue version of the dress, since it is practically identical to her last year’s Roland Garros dress, if we disregard the back. How do you like it?



  1. Liz, the dress is wonderful, but I agree it’s too similar to last year’s US Open and Roland Garros dresses. But you know, Adidas always makes a good design and then promotes it over a long period and on many players.

  2. The cut is similiar and the navy blue is actually almost the same as the last year RG/Adidas line. But the lime one looks nice and the colorful lines makes it look fun. But what the **** is with those see-through parts in all those female tennis outfits recently?! like they don’t show enough already?! It looks strange/stupid on players and it irritates the hell out of me when I’m shopping for something for myself. I go on the court to play not to do the striptease :/
    And I don’t see guys wearing something similiar, like maybe Rafa with a see-through to show of his abs or chest or shouldrs? :/ (yes, I’m in a fightining-feminist-mode recently :D)

  3. It looks quite like the US Open dress (and also like last year’s RG dress). I don’t know, I do’nt love it, but I don’t hate it either… it’s nothing new to me.

  4. Maggie, looks that are stunning at Grand Slams are not necessarily perfect for everyday practice. Still, I love mesh inserts, they give depth to the look and add to the visual interest of the item. However, I understand your dissatisfaction.

  5. At the end of the day, they’re just tennis outfits and if the big companies are paying milions to the stars wearing them it’s not only so the player looks good in that, but mostly so the people buy them 🙂 And obviously I’ll never look this stunning in anything I can wear like Maria Sharapova looks in everything she wears :D, but still, those clothes are for normal people to wear them on courts all around the world and for their small practices and fun matches.
    I agree that those see-through are not always all that bad 🙂
    (but you have to have a color assorted bra :D)

  6. The dress will look fantastic on her,as always. I’m glad Ana wears a dress that is solely hers, she deserves it.

  7. I like the color, but the design is something we have all seen before from adidas (just as Marija has said).
    But I am sooo happy Ana gets to wear her own special dress for the French Open!


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