Ivanovic shocks with decision to end coaching relationship with Kontic


Ana Ivanovic and Nemanja Kontic

It comes as quite a surprise that Ana Ivanovic decided not to extend her coaching partnership with Nemanja Kontic, after their contact expired following Wimbledon. The split is amicable and came as a result of a mutual agreement.

This is quite a surprise as Ivanovic was always emphasizing how much she enjoyed having a young Serbian team that understands her better and that she enjoys spending off-court time with as well. Also, Kontic led Ivanovic to three WTA titles this year (Auckland, Monterrey, and Birmingham), her best season since her landmark 2008. Moreover, in January’s Australian Open Ivanovic recorded her first victory over Serena Williams and in Rome her first win over Maria Sharapova after seven straight losses. We’ll sure hear more about the split in the coming weeks.

Ivanovic is now in Mallorca with a bunch of friends. Here’s her today’s Instagram update.

Ivanovic in Marollca with friendsAna Ivanovic Mallorca


  1. Yes, that was surprising considering how well Ana Ivanovic was doing thus and all her social media comment about how well they were doing unless it was all coverup. She wasn’t happy but was claiming she was and just wait till the contract was over.

  2. yeah, it was really a shocked for me. They looked so perfect as a team and seemed to enjoy every tournament. They have accomplished a lot together. But whatever makes them decide to split.. we can only speculate until we hear an answer either one of them.


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