Analysis paralysis nudges Ana Ivanovic out of the US Open 2014

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Ana IvanovicYesterday on Louis Armstrong Stadium it was Aga, today Ana.

Despite good lead-ups to every Grand Slam this year and a lot of match wins, including landmark matches, Ana Ivanovic simply hasn’t brought her best performance to majors. Following her runner-up finish at the Premier-level Cincinnati, Ivanovic lost in the second round of the US Open to Karolina Pliskova 7-5 6-4. Another case of her famous overthinking? That’s what the eighth-seeded Serb said in the post-match press conference, that she’s been excessively analyzing at Grand Slams and that she’s going to work on fixing that.

The 42nd-ranked Pliskova played aggressively, seized on every opportunity to dictate rallies and reached her first third round of a Grand Slam. As the Czech said after the triumph, it was probably her best match of the year, or even of her whole career. Don’t forget, Ivanovic came to the US Open as a WTA leader in match wins this season and with her first-round victory she increased that number by one, to 48. (photo: Jimmie48)


  1. 🙁 🙁 on the brighter side she doesn’t have any major points to defend (except at au open ) and hopefully that will relax her and helps her to go deep in slams next year. But pliskova completely outplayed ivanovic. ana simply couldn’t hang in those rallies and returning those serves was very difficult for her. I wonder what these czech’s eat they are so tall and powerful.

  2. Sru, it seemed that Ana overcame those head problems, but she’s still quite insecure. It has been a really long process for her to strengthen up.

  3. yes i agree. She improved remarkably in that department but still tends to get little tighter when her opponent is serving for the set/match while in the middle of set she served 3 aces while being down two break points. Towards the end of the match/set is the area where she needs to improve. same thing happened against maria couple of times this year. I’m sure she’ll work on that. Even though it has been very long process ( 5 years to be precise) that is the one of the reason i admire and respect her more. Remember in 07-08 a string of young and talented tennis players coming up on the tour, while every one gave up she and jj ( even though jj’s downfall came much later ) are the only one’s who are still around and are back to top 10.

  4. And in the midst of all the upsets yesterday JJ’s awesome third-round victory stayed quite unnoticed. She lost just one game to Larsson.

  5. hehe i know she was awesome yesterday but i didn’t want to jinx her chances 😉 perhaps new hairstyle will bring her some luck. But if it does, that means we have to see her in that hairstyle all the time? I suppose that’s not a problem for us 😀

  6. Sru, oh well, ugly loss for JJ 😛 Hehe and I just read in one Serbian semi tabloid paper a title that Ivanovic has hired an astrologist to help her win matches.

  7. lol seriously ?? 😛 she might need one to tell her when she’ll melt down in a match 😀 even though we all can predict it. I feared that for jj . she peaked in the previous round and any less quality in her tennis only leads to more frustration. I was so hoping caro vs jj in semis. But It’s nice to see a 17 year old rightfully being called a young gun not 20 and 20+ 😛 it’s been quite a while since that happened.


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