Donna Vekic dating newly-separated Stan Wawrinka?


Stanislas Wawrinka and Donna Vekic

Just over a week following Stan Wawrinka‘s statement on Facebook that after ten years of living together he and his wife Ilham Vuilloud had separated, the word is out that the Swiss ATP world No.9 has been dating young WTA gun Donna Vekic. Actually, it is rumored that they have been an item since July 2014, when Vekic was still just 17 years old.

Wawrinka had married his Swiss TV presenter and former model wife in December 2009, three months later they got daughter Alexia, but the relationship had its ups and downs and recently it ended quite ugly, in the public eye, with both Wawrinka and his wife issuing statements on the matter. Ilham emphasized that tournaments and busy schedule are not the cause of their split.

His instability, desire to regain his freedom—at all levels—are the source. And I have to admit the repeated fibs and emotional betrayals eventually destroyed entirely the confidence I had in him.

If the rumors are true, and there often is some truth in words swirling around, Wawrinka has moved from a woman ten years his senior to a 18-year-old tennis colleague.

Two years ago, when asked who her best friends on tour were, Vekic picked Stan Wawrinka and Fernando Verdasco from the crowd, even saying how she prefers hanging around with guys.

Moreover, there were some Twitter conversations between Stan and Donna that could have been regarded as flirting. For example, when Andy Murray named Amelie Mauresmo his new coach, in June 2014, Donna wrote to Stan:

Can I be your new coach for grass season?? #pls

And Stan replied:

Win Wimbledon first …

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  1. This is quite an item! I can’t believe Stan would pick a super young girl and it was a very quick one. I like Donna Vekic but lately she struggled to compete with the best. Will their “partnership” be a fruitful / productive one for both of their careers? Let’s wait and see. It will be a surprise as well if they play mixed doubles together. That would be very interesting!

  2. Emman Damian, it’s usually very ugly when a marriage ends, but from Donna’s perspective, since she’s so young, I think she should have found someone with less baggage. But OK, life’s never perfect. Plus, we don’t have this information proven yet.

  3. Are Maria and Grigor still dating? Today I went to both Instagrams accounts and they’ve pulled out all the picturws where they were together. I remember Grigor had many ones…

  4. Brenda, hmm well there have been many such rumors over the past half a year. If you are right, then my latest title about Sharapova’s Esquire cover is totally off haha.

  5. I only asked a question. I was sure that Grigor had some pictures with Maria in his Instagram account, and when I went there I haven’t seen one :S

  6. A lot of Croatian women are beautiful… but Donna Vekic is not one of them. Then again, Stan is pretty unattractive too, so IF the rumours are true, then at least they’re equally an unattractive couple.

  7. Stan wants to look great in the eyes of the world, but clearly there are some issues with him – there were a number of scandalous cases in the recent past involving him. Somehow you can’t trust the guy at all, in light of how he treats people, his wife and family. This Croatian girl looks like a bitch though – no respect to others life.

  8. Omg these comments are childish,she looks like a bitch,hes ugly bla bla,you who are judging aperrances im guessing your all totaly HOT!!!they might be totaly lovely people so how can any of you make cheap judgments and go for looks coz u have nuthin realy solid as u just dnt no,trolls,good for stan,yes she myt be young and he old for her,but who they hurting??im 40 i was 36 when i met a 26 year old and peoples frowns pi**d me off and i tealy let that get in the way,which is a huge regret as we separated and it made me unhappy for a long time,its nobody elses buisness who they want to be in a relationship with,happiness should be whats important,bring it on .


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