Wimbledon 2015: Lacoste’s beautiful traditional collar dress with modern feel


After reaching the fashion heights with the Spring Spring Tank and the Spring Pleated Skirt at the recent French Open, Lacoste will apparently continue to rank high in the women’s tennis style department. Truth be told, the brand is no stranger to being stuck in the rut, but their recent designs, even though faithful to the conservative side of the tennis fashion spectrum, have managed to bring a fresh feel, wonderfully merging modern details with classic looks.

LACOSTE Outfit Wimbledon 2015 - Alize Cornet + Christophe Berlet

I have received Wimbledon 2015 promo images of Lacoste-sponsored athletes Alize Cornet and Elena Vesnina and I have to say I absolutely love this new dress that they will wear at the grasscourt Grand Slam. I know it’s nothing groundbreaking and nothing we’ve never seen before, but I can’t help but notice how Lacoste has managed to stay within the strict confines of their well-known fashion path, while still offering super trendy and beautiful items that on top of everything exude sophistication that Wimbledon is associated with.

LACOSTE Outfit Wimbledon 2015 - Elena Vesnina + Christophe Berlet

Sleeveless polo top section with mesh panel for added breathibility and cute pleated skirt can make anyone look classy. I think this is an absolute hit. What do you say?



  1. Even though it’s a lot of the same stuff they’ve done before, Lacoste is improving how the outfits fit and flatter their players, while implementing a few new details such as the mesh or cutouts

  2. I think they look nice. There is nothing wrong with something traditional if it is well designed. As you say it looks sophisticated and perhaps better than some of the outfits that are trying so hard to do something “different”.

  3. Ga, CLT, I’m glad you’ve recognized my point and share my opinion. I’m still waiting to see all the outfits in action, especially Nike, since I still don’t even have official confirmation what their players will wear, but I’m quite certain that Lacoste will be among the Top 5 best styles.

  4. I love Lacoste and wear their dresses and separates when I play because they are flattering, comfortable and stylish but still classic. This is more good stuff from them.

  5. Sabey, of all the new Wimbledon outfits I’ve featured so far, my favorite at this moment is this Lacoste dress.

  6. They look great. A real cool re-invention to traditional Frenchness too. They should however take their promo pics in logical court positions and not positioned to whack the ball into the public 🙂


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