Jarmila Gajdosova and Ons Jabeur tie the knot


This past week was a popular one for weddings, as Slovakian-born Australian Jarmila Gajdosova married Adam Wolfe on November 1st, while Tunisian Ons Jabeur tied the knot with Karim Kamoun on October 29th.

Jarmila got engaged at the very beginning of this year to her now-husband, who is a US Marine pilot, and through social media shared special moments with her fiancé in addition to events along the way, such as wedding dress fittings and pre-wedding parties.

The lovely couple celebrated their nuptials at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas, and they were surrounded by friends and family, including tennis players Olivia Rogowska and maid of honor Gaby Dabrowski (Rogowska top left, Dabrowski bottom left and in multiple pictures).

The couple looked gorgeous and we wish them happiness!

A couple days earlier, 21-year-old Ons Jabeur officially became fencer Karim Kamoun’s wife after over two years of dating. The ceremony seems to have been kept relatively private, but Jabeur did share a beautiful picture to announce the wedding to fans.

We are thrilled to commemorate both of these ceremonies in Women’s Tennis Blog’s WTA Players and their Love Partners section. (photos @tennis_jarkag, @Ons_Jabeur)


  1. Amazing! Their nuptials were in the Botanical Gardens of Ft. Worth, Texas. That is right in my back yard! Why there? Is this Adam Wolfe from Texas?

  2. Jarmila had been living in Australia, but I see Wolfe is an American pilot…sooo I suppose they will be living here. Will keep an eye out for them.


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