Yanina Wickmayer wins the Carlsbad Classic singles title

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Our contributor Karen Helf completed her week in Carlsbad with the singles final and after the event she talked to both the champion and the runner-up. Read on for her detailed account of the title match.

The first Carlsbad Classic is now in the books and the name Yanina Wickmayer is forever on the trophy. The final was a thrilling display of powerful tennis and a test of wills. Yanina fought off a solid challenge from Nicole Gibbs winning 6-3, 7-6.


1st Set Higlights

In the first set it appeared that Yanina would have an easy day. She was up 5-0, playing aggressive tennis and making very few errors. Gibbs seemed a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps nerves were a factor.

Back on serve, Gibbs held her first service game despite a shaky start. Gibbs pulled out an ace and a forehand winner to hold 5-1 and things started to shift. Gibbs immediately broke Wickmayer to 5-2. Back on serve, Nicole was chasing down balls and serving more aggressively, but also had more second serves. Yanina uncharacteristically hit returns wide, and long. Gibbs held to 5-3. The crowd responded.

Yanina was now serving for the set. Nicole issued a challenge to 30-30, but Yanina hit a cross court winner and a short shot that blocked Nicole at the net. Set Wickmayer, 6-3. Yanina yelled come on!

Yanina runs to her box  post win
Yanina runs to her box post win

2nd Set Highlights

Gibbs started on serve and held 0-1. Despite multiple deuce points, Yanina closed her next service game with a net kill to hold 1-1. Gibbs’ next service game was up and down with an ace and a double-fault. She eventually found the line to hold, 1-2. Wickmayer immediately asked for her coach.

Yanina had multiple foot faults in the next game and made several errors. Gibbs was running down everything and captured the break to 1-3. Gibbs held her next service game with bigger serves that pressed Wickmayer out of her range. With the score 1-4 Gibbs, a third set seemed in the cards.

However, Wickmayer had other plans. Her next service game was the longest of the match with sixteen points and five deuce exchanges. Gibbs hit a fantastic lob that clipped the line and she pumped herself up with a come on! Yanina had Nicole on the run and hit a smart drop shot winner. Game Wickmayer, 2-4. Determined Wickmayer dug herself out of the hole breaking Gibbs next service game to 3-4.

Back on serve, Yanina held to 4-4 and was pushing Gibbs to make errors. The pressure was now squarely on Gibbs to stay in the match. Nicole stepped up to the challenge hitting two out-wide aces, cross court winners and defending well. Yanina was crushing balls and running Gibbs side to side.

Match Action
Match Action

The raw emotion was now visible. Gibbs held serve, but still requested her coach, 4-5 Gibbs. Yanina played a flawless service game, holding to 5-5. The pressure back on Nicole. She continued serving well and hit crosscourt winners, holding 5-6. Yanina now served to stay in the set. This was another long game with three deuce exchanges.

Yanina hit blistering winners and Nicole continued to find success hitting cross court. Yanina served down the tee and Nicole’s return sailed long. Wickmayer held to force a tiebreak at 6-6.

Tiebreak Highlights

Yanina Gets Pumped Up
Yanina Gets Pumped Up

Yanina immediately took charge of the tiebreak, serving well and pressing Gibbs going up 4-0. Then Gibbs began to find her rhythm. Once again Gibbs hit crosscourt winners and Yanina missed a critical point at net. The score was now 5-3 Wickmayer. Yanina’s next return sailed long, score 5-4.

The crowd was getting behind Gibbs, but Yanina held despite missing her first serves. Gibbs netted a backhand, giving Yanina a first look at match point. One point was all Yanina needed. She quickly won it without hesitation. Final score 6-3, 7-6, Wickmayer.

I was fortunate to catch up with both Yanina and Nicole post match.

Yanina expressed her excitement at capturing the title and being the tournament’s first singles champion. She praised her coach and spoke words of appreciation for his support on and off court. This recent pairing looks like a good one. Yanina was happy with her performance and ability to design points today. She kept to her strategy taking balls early and staying aggressive. When Gibbs pulled ahead in the second set, she told herself to focus and stay positive. Being up a set gave her the confidence to stay aggressive.

Yanina loved playing the Carlsbad event and she is in fact staying another week as part of her off-season training plan. The tournament is a perfect alignment. After the win today, Yanina will start 2016 inside the Top 40.

Nicole wore a smile when we spoke. She felt she defended well today, putting a lot of extra balls in play to stay in points. She acknowledged that her serve started slow, but improved in the second set. Nicole knew she missed opportunities to take care of offensive points today, but experience is a great teacher. Discussing the tie-break, Gibbs felt she played well but sometimes your opponent is “too good.”

Gibbs and her coach Roger Smith are also a new pairing that looks promising. This week Gibbs was also focused on getting her ranking up to make the Australian Open qualifying draw. The jury is out, but we wish her luck.

In closing if you missed then event, then there’s always next year. Mark your calendar now. The final drew a great crowd and the competition was exceptional. Speaking with fans, the level of play exceeded their expectations. Players on the hunt for points always make for exciting matches. See you next year in Carlsbad.

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  1. Too bad Nicole didn’t win: with the additional 65 points, she would have just cracked the top 100 and perhaps got a direct qualification for the AUOpen.

  2. Gregoire Gentil, have you seen her Facebook status on November 30?

    Let me tell you a little bit about 2015.
    Of the 29 tournaments I competed in this year, I lost 15 first rounds.
    I got into an event as a lucky loser for the first time in my career, and I lost 0 and 0.
    My ranking dropped from a career high 84 in February to 154 by August.
    At one point, I had lost a career worst 6 matches in a row.
    I lost to 11 lower ranked players.
    I reached three finals, and I lost in all three.
    I played for a World Team Tennis team, and I was replaced by a better player for the end of the season and playoffs.
    I played a match where I led 6-1 5-3 40-0 serving, and I lost.
    My end-of-the-year record was one win shy of .500 at 29:30. At one stage in my season, my record was 11:24.
    I cried and swore I would quit tennis at least 20 times.
    I worked with 4 different coaches and played with 2 different racquets.
    I broke at least 8 of those racquets. Sorry, Wilson…
    After the US Open, I returned to the challengers to rediscover some form, and I did regain confidence. I collected a lot of wins and some substantial points that will allow me to climb to a year end ranking of 109 or so.
    This ranking will likely see me miss the Australian Open cut by just a few spots.
    “Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
    With absolutely no irony intended, I cannot wait to start my 2016 campaign. Onwards and upwards. ‪#‎striveforgreatness‬ ‪#‎allworthit‬

  3. Yes I read the post. Very forthcoming and genuine. Loved that. Per AUS all she can do is continue to prepare. Carlsbad ended up with alternates in the draw. Maybe Lady Luck will help her out. Fingers crossed Nicole.


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