Happily-single Nicole Vaidisova denies dating ex-husband


Radek Stepanek‘s Facebook status shocked us in mid-February, when the Czech announced that he was again dating his ex-wife Nicole Vaidisova. However, the 26-year-old Nicole is now denying that, saying that she is happily single.

Nicole Vaidisova single

Here’s what Nicole said on Instagram yesterday:

I rarely talk about my private life or address rumours, but I wanted to clarify one thing. I am not in a relationship or dating my ex-husband. I wish him nothing but the best, but our life paths are not intertwined. I am single, happy and looking forward to what the future has in store for me. Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s all quite perplexing. The idea of them dating again sounded insane, although such things do happen in life. To make things weirder, Radek hasn’t deleted his status yet. Why would he write something like that on Facebook if it’s not true? And not delete it! I would say that the truth is that they did hook up in February, but then broke up again. 
Radek Stepanek dating Nicole Vaidisova again

Nicole and Radek first started dating in late 2007, got married in July 2010 and divorced after three years of marriage. Months after the separation, in January 2014, Nicole began dating golfer Daniel Suchan, but that relationship is over as well.


  1. Well, thank goodness for that confirmation! Please Nicole, stay away & find yourself a hot man – you deserve that so much more ;o)

  2. Stepanek is quite the ladies man..go figure! The best tennis couple of all time, sports couple for that matter is Li Na and Jiang Shan. They have been married now for 10 years..and I truly believe are the ultimate soul mates. Their beautiful little daughter, Alisa is approaching her first birthday. Marija, I want pics of her first birthday please!

  3. Jim, OK, I’ll have that in mind. I hope that she will publish some pics from Alisa’s 1st birthday.


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